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First games on the road

Posted: 29-Jul-2013 by Football (Soccer) Junior

A very tight and exciting first match away

The first ten minutes Maccabi were very tentative and unsure playing their first match away from home. Noble Park were on the attack and had scored with relentless pressure on
In the next 10 minutes Maccabi started to run a lot more and defended
well with Max Owide staying in a defensive sweeper role to rebound.

With a few minutes left in the first half Reuben Gruskin burst forward and
dribbled against his opponent to run in and score for Maccabi leaving the
half time score at 1-1. The Maccabi boys were very tired at half time but revived with water and a
team huddle.

In the second half the game broke wide open. Maccabi were feeling a lot more
relaxed and started to play with a lot of run and teamwork. They all settled into natural positions and this resulted in several goals.

It started with Ethan Benn measuring up from the right hand wing and
realising there was no defence he made a strong strike from half way which
hit the back of the net.

Simon Roseman was playing well in the middle passing off to both Ethan Benn
and Reuben Gruskin streaming down the wings while Max Owide was unpassable
with his defensive rebound.

It was not long that the Maccabi teamwork resulted in Reuben Gruskin again
finding the ball right in front of goal and knocking it in.

In the last 10 minutes Ethan Benn was finding a lot of space dribbling the
ball down both sides resulting in a spectacular goal when he took on two
Noble Park players and shot in the air around their last defender from the
right hand corner.

It was a very physical game with a lot of body contact but the Maccabi boys
all kept working hard despite many sore knocks.

Final score NCFC 4 - NPSC 1

Tobias Benn


The Giraffes played Dandenong South this morning.

Despite the low numbers (3 from our side, 4 on the opposing side), the kids had a great game and lots of fun.

Yaron, Elijah and Benjamin all played well, enjoyed themselves and managed to defend well despite playing against a team of 4 strong players.

Benjamin scored a goal to the delight of the parents (very glad to get at least one in the back of the net), with Dandenong South scoring quite a few more than us...

It was well worth the trip to Endeavour Hills to experience playing against another club and our kids got to interact with other kids from a different part of Melbourne.

Joe Kuriel (Elijah's dad)