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Tips from coach Alex

Posted: 15-May-2013 by Football (Soccer) Junior

Hi Coaches, players and parents,

Please watch this video link below from a practice game between Glen Eira FTS and NC Maccabi under 11 kanga team. The video was filmed by one of the Glen Eira parents. This video will give you a good idea of what we at Maccabi are trying to achieve with our players by watching one of the most skilful teams going around.

Things to notice:

1. Ball is always on the ground.
2. Glen Eira team is constantly trying to build from the back, there are no clearances and no booting forward. When the team can't go forward they are looking to start again.
3. Notice how the team is using the goal keeper as an extra player.
4. Watch the first touch into space by the players
5. Players are always checking their back players to create a turn and find space.
6. Ball movement is from defence to midfield to attack.
7. No panic at any stage by the players even when they under pressure.
8. Parents are on the opposite side of the coach and are not getting involve in any instructions to the players.

All these can be achieved by the coaches following the correct practice sessions, making the players work a lot with the ball at training and daily at home. 
These points are applicable for any age group. Junior, youth and seniors.

Please Watch this video several times and Enjoy!

Alex Barak, U18 coach and boys rep in Football Dept.

To view video click here