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Maccabi Little Kickers about to kick off!

Posted: 06-Feb-2013 by Football (Soccer) Junior

Yeah.... MLK is starting this Sunday !!!!

We will start our season playing at Glen Huntly Primary School situated on Grange Road Carnegie.

It's close to Glen Huntly Road and entrance is just at the walk way overpass.

Parking is through the gates onto the school ground.

Make sure you are there at least 5 min. before 9am.

Please ask the kids not to go onto the playing field till instructed!

As it could be hot make sure kids have cap and water bottle with them and don't forget to put sunscreen on them.

There will be no toilet facilities available so make sure the kids go before they leave home!

Uniforms will be handed out at the start and if you want to help
the kids put on their tops or shorts if they want.

If they don't want to put them on straight away don't force them,
they will next time before they come to the field.

We have been inundated with new registrations at the last minute so we will see how we cope with all the kids in one session.

This maybe will have to change as the field is not as big as in Caulfield Park which we will be using when we get council permission
( probably after Cricket season finishes)

Coaches could ask some parents to help out from time to time so please accept their request. The kids like to see the parents involved as well.

We like to play 4 v 4 or 5 v 5 depending on age. Sometimes we will have substitutes depending on number. Parents will be asked to rotate the players every few minutes (act as time-keepers), this will mean
the kids get more time on the ball with fewer players on the field.

If you like to know more about myself and my back ground go to the following link on our website under Football department - Michael Kan.

There is a lot more info on our website and interesting articles
on different people within the club.

We have a great bunch of coaches:

Samuel Quinn, Rafi Tauber, Kerry Spilkin and Jeremy Wein
(Jeremy will be joining us 1st week of March)

These coaches have or are still playing for Maccabi and is great to see them giving back to our community!

It will be a little hectic on the first day but looking forward to seeing you all and congratulations for taking your first steps to our MLK season.

Yours in Sport:

Coach Michael
(MLK Coordinator)