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Ex-Maccabi player takes the field for Victory

Posted: 03-Feb-2013 by Football (Soccer) Junior

It was a proud moment for NCMJFC when in the 81st minute of the Melbourne derby clash on 2 Feb 2013 ex-Maccabi player Connor Pain came on for Melbourne Victory FC as a substitute to replace Marcos Flores.

It was the first time ever that an ex-Maccabi player has played in an A League game.

Connor played for NCMJFC for two seasons in one of the Super League teams that the club had. He continued his football career at Bentleigh Greens and also played for the South East Cougars.

It was a delight to see Connor take the field in front of over 41,000 people at Etihad stadium, we wish him all the very best in his football career.

We hope to see many more Maccabi players follow his path.