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Coaching courses sponsored by NCMJFC

Posted: 05-Mar-2013 by Football (Soccer) Junior


Do you want to help and be a part of the continual improvement of Coaching 
at North Caulfield Maccabi Junior Football Club?

NCMJFC together with the FFV (Football Federation Victoria) are offering to pay registration costs and fees for you to attend a Football Coaching Course.

Our Club is committed to continually improve the quality of football at NCMJFC, and one way in which we can achieve this will be by improving the coaching education within the Club.

We are offering you the opportunity to participate in a Youth Football Certificate I Training Course, the cost of which will be completely undertaken by the NCMJFC. This course is recognised, recommended and approved by FFA and FFV.


This special coaching course offer is open to all members and families of the NCMJFC as well as all members of Maccabi Victoria. No previous football experience is necessary.

To be eligible to participate, you must have the following 2 essential items:
• Your own Coach ID; and
• Your own Maccabi Vic membership number (also known as a My Macc account)

We can assist you to obtain both of these items – again at no cost to you.

Once you have your “Coach ID” and “My Macc Account Membership” - then they are yours for life and you do not need to register with either organisation again.

The Coaching Course

The Coaching courses will be run by the FFV between 2nd February and 13th May 2013

Each Coaching course will be run over 2 sessions of approximately 3.5 hours per session.

A list of dates, times and venues may be viewed by clicking here.

When you register for a course let the course presenter, Darren Tan, know that your club, North Caulfield Maccabi Junior Football Club, is to be charged for your participation. No payments need to be made by you.

Next Steps

I need a Coach ID – when you register for a course at the bottom of the form you can get a Coach ID

I need a My Macc Membership – click here and follow the prompts

I have both Coach ID and My Macc Membership and wish to enrol – click here and follow the prompts

Register for a coaching course now - YES- it really is that simple.

We encourage you to attend a course and let other people know about the availability of this course and offer. It is open to males and females.

Ideally we would like to see a lot of young adults that are currently involved in the sports or fitness industries to get on board with this offer. We would also like to see more female coaches and assistant coaches getting involved with girl’s teams.

Remember, no previous football experience is necessary.

Once you have completed your course registration we will discuss with you the possibility of helping a team at NCMJFC.

There will be other opportunities in the future to attend coaching courses at higher levels, we will keep you advised about them and/or if you want to discuss the possibility of increasing your coaching knowledge please come and talk to us.

Football coaching has become an exportable business, read about it here, so we could be setting you up to an international career in the future. Grab the opportunity now!

Please note that when you get a confirmation email back it will ask for the FFA - MyFootballClub ID number. If you don’t have one or forgot it click here to obtain or retrieve it.