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New NCMJFC president

Posted: 20-Jan-2013 by Football (Soccer) Junior

Kevin Milstein NCMJFC president

Hello I would like to proudly introduce myself as the new president of North Caulfield Maccabi Junior Football Club as voted in at the club’s AGM in October 2012.

This is more of a personal letter from me rather than a club article. Why? Because I am the person behind most of  the club articles, updates the website and the Facebook page as well as compiling the successful year book so it is difficult for me to write an article about myself. Much easier for me to say a casual hello and have a little chat.

For a start I take over as president of a well established club due to all the hard work of my predecessors, the most recent of which is our immediate past president Sam Gamsu. I give a lot of thanks and praise to Sam, the team behind him and all those that have gone before for doing such a sterling job. It makes my task just that much easier.

The work that goes into running a club such as this is enormous and much of it is voluntary. Please make sure to give all the volunteers the respect that they deserve. That goes for the parent team manager right up to the team on the committee.

It is an exciting year ahead in 2103 with our new committee and our newly established football department , but you can read up about them on the website links.

A bit about me, because that is what this letter is really about.

For a start I never played for Maccabi or any other football team as a kid. (Yes, when I say football I mean soccer, but I try not to use that “S” word too often.) I only ever played football at lunchtimes with my mates and could never understand why you would want to follow a team 20,000km away and never go to a game. Back then I was a dedicated Carlton AFL supporter and it was only when they set up the Carlton Soccer Club in 1997 that I got my first taste of real live football. I was immediately hooked!

So much so that when my 3 boys (5 kids in total) began their sporting interests I encouraged them to play football. I saw it as the world game and a passport to the world. My eldest son joined Maccabi at about 7 years old and instead of dropping him off and going home I stuck around to watch the training. Slowly I helped out the coach with sessions and then, when we moved to live in Kew and joined the Richmond Football Club, I learned my lessons at Richmond as a team manager for the next few years.

Eventually my boys came back to Maccabi, more for the social reasons, and I continued along the path of team manager, then committee member and now as president. Along the way I also help to run the highly successful South East Cougars and the Reagan Milstein Foundation. I am also a Chelsea FC fan (my kids are fanatical about them, the girls too) but I more identify myself as a lifelong Melbourne Victory FC fanatic (my whole family are members). So you could say that since 1997 my involvement with football runs deep.

Where to from here?

Like I said earlier there is a lot of good work already established that can easily be built on but for some reason many in our community don’t see NCMJFC as a viable sporting club. Funny that, because I can tell you for a fact that at FFV (Football Federation Victoria) we are seen as a strong community club and maybe even a role model in that area.

Can we improve? Of course we can.

I like the Japanese version of improving, which is rather than improving something by 100% I like to see 100 things improve by 1% every year.

This brings me to the small changes I would like to see.

  • • We are already starting up the Maccabi Little Kickers on 10 Feb 2013, we expect these kids to be the long term future of the club;
  • • The improved communications through the website and the clubs Facebook page;
  • • I expect to have at least a couple of open forums that all are welcome to come to once our training season begins;
  • • The improved uniform and the ownership that you will take over it;
  • • Our slow but eventual gathering of club sponsors and supporters;
  • • I expect to have an “app” for all parents to access for their kids teams, which makes life easier for us all in these wired up days;
  • • And very importantly I want to see more mums involved in the running of the club. Mothers are the life blood of the club and yet they stay away from the running. That needs to be changed.

Most importantly it is the way that we see ourselves.

In my time I hope to see kids walking down the street wearing their NCMJFC shirt as comfortably as they would wear a Victory shirt or a Chelsea shirt and with the same amount of pride too.

To me once we get all of the above things right then the results start flowing in.

To me when your house foundations are solid then you can build whatever you want on top.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story and I hope that you come along for the exciting ride that is ahead.

Oh, and one last thing. Make sure to “like” our club FB page so that we can have communications both ways. Your questions may be able to help some other parents/players at the club.

Go Maccabi! 

Kevin Milstein