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Registration 2013 news

Posted: 28-Nov-2012 by Football (Soccer) Junior

Registrations open for 2013

Apart from the fact that registrations are now open for 2013 there is some other news for you to know about the season ahead.

The FFV have announced that there will be an U17 boys competition in 2013, which means that many of the boys from the U16, 2012 teams who thought they might miss out on an U18 spot no longer need to worry.

You can now nominate for the U17 teams that will be formed and in some cases you may even be asked to try out for U18.

It is likely that dates for grading teams will begin on 17 Feb 2013 and run for 4 weeks on Sunday afternoons. These dates are yet to be confirmed with ground allocations but this is a good indication and a date that you should pencil into your diary for now.

For those wanting your have their littlies, 5- 7 year olds in 2013, play football next season go to the Maccabi Little Kickers page for all that information.

It is important to remember that the cut off dates for ages is 1 Jan 2013, so whatever your childs age is on that date will determine the age of the competition that they will be in.

FFV have also just announced that there will be a break of 1 week after round 3 in order to regrade all the teams in the competition. So if a team is being badly beaten in the first 3 weeks they will recommend moving them down, the same goes for a team winning too easliy every week.

The FFV have also let us know that the zones have been made bigger to allow for greater competition between teams, which also means some extra travelling compared to season 2012. In essence the competitions will look more like they did prior to season 2012.

Remember that registration closes on the 4 Feb 2013 so dont wait to get on board for 2013. Register now!