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Maccabi JFC and Facebook in 2013

Posted: 22-Jan-2013 by Football (Soccer) Junior

Maccabi JFC and Facebook in 2013

Yes, we know that it is a medium that many people don’t like but you have to admit that Facebook does have its place in the modern social media network.

Facebook is a medium that Maccabi JFC will be using more and more often as a way of getting messages across quick and easy.

Because of its portable nature on smart phones it also makes life easier for senders and receivers and it gives you, the parents/players, a way of communicating directly with the club and getting almost instant answers.

Of course if there are private matters that need to be discussed then those need to be kept with the more traditional private means of email and/or phone. So keep your Facebook questions to a more general topic that can benefit other people that are reading the posts.

There is also the medium of Twitter which we are not so familiar with, however if we get enough requests to use Twitter then we will open a club account.

The most important point out of all of this is that we want to be able to communicate openly with you and give you the opportunity to communicate openly with us.

This is your community football club and we want you to feel a part of it.

The best way to do that is to tell us what you want and the easiest way to do that in 2013 is through social media.

Hope to see you on the NCMJFC Facebook page soon!