2021 Winter Season Registration

Welcome to the online registration for Maccabi Hockey Club


It is mandatory that prior to attending your first training (or match), you are registered with Hockey Victoria to ensure all individual and Club insurances are effective.  Every player is required to register individually and in the case of Juniors, please ensure that it is players that are registered and NOT parents.  Registration details are below.

Clicking on the link at the bottom will take you through to the RS platform, but before you do, please read below:

  • Hockey Victoria has incorporated a number of questions in the registration process so please have a few minutes available to complete it.
  • Maccabi Hockey Club's terms and conditions of registration can be found below the Hockey Victoria T&C's in the registration. Please review these. 
  • Hockey Victoria has created a number of different registration categories based on your age as at 1 January 2021.  Hockey Victoria registration can only be paid via the portal.
  • We understand that certain players and families may be experiencing financial hardship and may need to make an arrangement regarding your Maccabi Hockey fees.  It is important that you contact the Club’s Treasurer, Simon Krampel immediately via the Club’s email (maccabihockey@gmail.com) so we can assist.  

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