2016 U16s Dist E


Elimination Final 31/8/2016: Powerhouse 2 v 2 Maccabi (Samuels, Page)

Maccabi was very unlucky to go out in a penalty shootout after a great performance to draw 2-2 with Powerhouse despite missing some key players. Jamie Samuels and Vinnie Page scored the goals, and it was a tremendous team effort with which to end the season.


Rd 14 21/8/2016: Maccabi 1 v 7 Camberwell Blue (Page)

The u/16s, with no bench players, took on top team Camberwell Blue at home and even though the final score was 7-1 to them, we played some of our best hockey for the year. We were able to move the ball freely around the field, penetrate their circle and won several penalty corners but failed to convert our chances. Our tackling kept on improving, we were able to force many turnovers and were on top in the midfield battle for large chunks of the game. Our opposition, in contrast, made the most of their opportunities and scored several of their goals with well taken penalty corners our defenders and fill-in goalie Benji were unable to stop. 

The team has finished the season in fourth place and will play finals but we will need to be at our best to progress. 

Goal. V. Page

Best. E. Goldman, D. Light, J. Fink, and just about everyone else!

Final Ladder after Rd 14

Grand Final: Camberwell Blue 5 v 1 Camberwell Tangerine 

# Team P W D L F A Diff Pts
1 Camberwell Blue 12 10 1 1 62 12 50 31
2 Camberwell Tang 12 10 1 1 61 14 47 31
3 Powerhouse 12 7 1 4 46 25 21 22
4 Maccabi 12 5 0 7 33 32 1 15
5 MCC 12 3 4 5 26 37 -11 13
6 Hawthorn 12 2 1 9 15 65 -50 7
7 TEM 12 0 2 10 6 66 -58 2


Rd 13 14/8/2016: Bye


Rd 12 10/8/2016: Maccabi 10 v 0 TEM (Fink 4, Samuels 2, Sweet 2, Goldman, Page)

Hot off the press in the game played tonight Maccabi dominated from start to finish, more details in next weeks edition.


Rd 11 31/7/2016: MCC 2 v Maccabi 1 (R.Grunfeld)

Maccabi has gone down 2-1 to MCC in a game that has put its chances of finals under threat. Maccabi went down to an early goal when it wasn’t alert to the runner coming into the circle, but soon after equalised when Ruben Grunfeld scored a short corner that was won by Dan Light. Maccabi went behind again midway through the second half but this time it could not equalise again despite camping on the opposition circle for the remainder of the game.

Goal: R.Grunfeld

Best: B.Aizenstros, D.Light, C.Segeal, N.Salkin


Rd 10 24/7/2016: Maccabi 2 v 6 Camberwell Tangerine (Sweet, Fink)

On an icy day Sunday morning, Maccabi U16's hosted a game against Camberwell Tangerine.   In the 1st five minutes, Tangerine dominated the game, with multiple opportunities to score, but after a breakaway by Maccabi, Nathan Sweet scored a convincing goal that opened the scoring for the day.  Within minutes, Tangerine had levelled the score by converting a short corner.  It was then Centre half Joel Fink who smacked the 2nd goal into the back of the net to help Maccabi go 2-1 up, only to be followed by yet another short corner conversion by Tangerine.  By half time, the score was 2-2 and it was game on.

However from the start of the 2nd half, Maccabi seemed to have lost their way.  Outclassed, outskilled and outrun by a better team, who kept up their momentum and pressure to score a further 4 goals to win 6-2. A disappointing result after such a hard-fought 1st half.

Goals: Sweet, Fink

Best: Reuben Grunfeld, Timna Gore, Joel Fink, Vinnie Page


Rd 9 17/7/2016: Maccabi 0 v 4 Powerhouse

After suffering from some late pull outs, an under strength u16 team put up a great fight against 3rd placed St.Kilda/Powerhouse. With some players in unfamiliar positions it was hard to generate efficient team skills however it was our individual skills that put us under extra pressure. Our tackling has improved but we still turn the ball over too easily. Final score 4-0 to Powerhouse. Team Thanks to Hayden and Jeremy for filling in. Please come to training this week. We play Camberwell Tangerine and will need to perform at our best. 

Best. T. Gore, J. Fink, N. Gordon


Rd 8 26/6/2016: Hawthorn 0 v 5 Maccabi (walk-over)

Maccabi’s strength scared the other team into forfeiting the game


Rd 7 19/6/2016: Camberwell Blue 7 v 2 Maccabi (Light, Page)

The u16s travelled out to Koonung Secondary College to take on second placed Camberwell Blue. The game started at a frantic pace and didn't let up for the whole game. We were first on the board with a great finish from Dan L. after a beautiful build up from the midfield. The best goal we have scored this year! Camberwell soon replied and proceeded to take control of the game with their superior stick and team skills and harder running. Camberwell displayed the type of hockey we aspire to and the final score of 7-2 was a fair reflection of the game.

Goals. D.Light, V.Page

Best. J.Fink, V.Page, N.Sweet


Rd 6 5/6/2016: Bye

The under 16s were dominant in their bye, everyone rested with great intensity


Rd 5 29/5/2016: TEM 0 v 3 Maccabi (Sweet 2, Page)

The U16s continued to improve with a 3-0 win over TEM. The team controlled the game, moved the ball around the field beautifully and were able to generate many circle penetrations.

Defence was solid and the midfield were feeding the forwards with good passes and using our right side to attack. Once again we were a little wasteful in front of goals and the final score flattered our opposition.

Goals N.Sweet 2, V.Page 1

Best. J.Samuels, E.Goldman, J.Fink, T.Gore and several others!


Rd 4 22/5/2016: Maccabi 2 v 0 MCC (Cohen, Light)

The U16s continue to improve and they dominated their game against MCC at home. Their winning score line of 2-0 after being 0-0 at half time was flattering to our opposition.
We generated 15 circle penetrations in the first half but only 4 shots on goal, although one beauty from Dan hit the post and bounced out. Our defensive marking caused much indecisive passing from MCC and led to many turnovers, however too many of our passes, usually straight ones and under less pressure, were easily picked off.

With the fullbacks mopping up most opposition attacks and the mid field in control, using our right side better led to another 16 penetrations in the second half with 6 shots leading to two goals and another flush strike on the post! 
The match tally of our 31 penetrations to their 10 best illustrated our dominance. 
With a little luck it could have easily been 4-0.
With a little more composure in the circle it could have been 8-0.

Goals:  A.Cohen, D.Light

Best:    V.Page, N.Salkin, J.Fink, C.Segeal


Rd 3 15/5/2016: Maccabi 0 v 1 Camberwell

In a high standard game our u16s were unlucky to go down to Camberwell Tangerine 1-0.
The game was fast paced and open with both teams able to bring the ball down the field and penetrate the circle. Our defence was solid and able to repel their attacks with Cooper in goals having a tremendous game. We were able to generate shots on goal but their defence was also resolute. Half way through the second half Camberwell scored with a lucky strike that went in off the edge of the side post. We kept on attacking but could not get the equaliser. A terrific effort from our kids considering we lost one of our key playmakers at half time. 

Best:    C.Altman, R.Grunfeld, J.Fink, J.Samuels


Rd 2 8/5/2016: Maccabi 2 v 3 Powerhouse (N.Sweet 2)

After arriving in Footscray at our fixtured venue to find it double booked, Powerhouse and Maccabi both scrambled down the road to the vacant field at Maribyrnong College. 
The game was a tough encounter against a team that used the width of the field with square passes to open us up. It was a fairly even battle of the midfields and some good defence saw us hold them out but ultimately slack marking in the circle cost us. In attack we need to use our right side more and also have a little more composure over the ball. We fought back to level the score at two all after scoring from a penalty corner and a field goal but a late defensive error saw Maccabi go down 3-2. 

Goals:  N.Sweet 2

Best:    J.Fink, N.Gordon, N.Sweet, E.Goldman


Rd 1 1/5/2016: Maccabi 5 v 2 Hawthorn (Light 3, Aizicowitz, Samuels)

The under 16s got the season off to a great start with a 5-2 victory over Hawthorn. After leading 4-0 at half time, the team took its foot off the pedal but was always in control of the match.

Goals:  D.Light 3, C.Aizicowitz, J.Samuels

Best:    N.Sweet, R.Grunfeld, V.Page

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