2016 2nds Metro BE

Rd 18 28/8/2016: Maccabi 2 v 8 Old Carey (Ben-Moyal, J.Tremigliozzi)

The seconds played Old Carey who dominated the majority of the game, Maccabi was able to create some goal scoring opportunities in the first half but all the shots went wide of the goals.

In the second half Maccabi fought hard and won a couple short corners, Ariella Ben Moyal ensured Daniel Goodrich's shot crossed the line between the posts. In the last play of the game Josh Tremigliozzi's short corner shot deflected off the oppositions stick and looped in the goals. The end result was 8-2

FInal Ladder after Rd 18

Grand Final: Old Carey 7 v 5 Camberwell

# Team P W D L F A Diff Pts
1 Old Xaverians 16 13 3 0 66 10 56 42
2 Old Carey 16 9 1 6 38 28 10 28
3 Camberwell 16 8 3 5 36 23 13 27
4 ECHO 16 8 1 7 37 28 9 25
5 Knox 16 8 1 7 37 30 7 25
6 Old East Malvern 16 8 0 8 35 32 3 24
7 Waverley 16 5 2 9 28 55 -27 17
8 Old Camberwell Gram 16 4 4 8 18 33 -15 16
9 Maccabi 16 1 1 14 11 67 -56 4


Rd 17 21/8/2016: Waverley 2 v 1 Maccabi (Fink)

Seconds played Waverley on a wet and miserable night. In a very tight game the first half started well and the ball was being moved really wel. A free hit from the edge of circle saw Marc Aarons pin point David Treger in the D for a deflection but was just wide, first half ended 0-0.

The second half wasn't fun at all the rain came down even harder and the ball didn't move at all. A lapse in concentration saw Waverley go 2-0 up in 3 mins. Maccabi bounced back with a free hit from Marc Aarons again this time one of our young guns Joel Fink slotted the goal in. Maccabi ended up losing 2-1


Rd 16 14/8/2016: Maccabi 2 v 0 Old Camberwell (Goodrich 2)

The seconds took on Old Camberwell in a bottom of the table clash, desperately seeking their first win of the season. Maccabi started strong and put a lot of pressure on the Old Camberwell defence. A through ball from Daniel Guttmann released David Treger who crossed the ball into the circle and found Daniel Goodrich who calmly slotted the ball past the keeper for his second goal in as many games.

Old Camberwell tried desperately to get back into the game but solid defence from Nathan Guttmann and Benji Perlow thwarted any opportunities. 

Maccabi started the second half with the same determination and moved the ball swiftly between each other. The slick passing released Goodrich into the circle who smashed the ball past the keeper for his second goal of the game. Maccabi held onto the 2-0 lead thanks to some excellent keeping from Hayden Aizicowitz.


Rd 15 7/8/2016: Maccabi 1 v 3 Camberwell (Goodrich)

In one the team’s best performances of the season they were unlucky to find themselves down 1-0 at half time. Maccabi started well in the second half creating opportunities that could not be converted, Camberwell then scored from a short corner. Daniel Goodrich went on a driving run into the Camberwell circle which resulted in his second goal for the season. Camberwell was awarded a penalty stroke last in the game.


Rd 14 31/7/2016: Old Xaverians 8 v 0 Maccabi

The Seconds lost to top of the table Old Xaverians. In a game largely played in Maccabi’s defensive half, strong performances by Asher Klebaner and Hayden Aizicowitz kept Maccabi in touch at half time but the team was unable to keep up the relentless attack on the ball and conceded 7 in the second half.


Rd 13 24/7/2016: BYE


Rd 12 17/7/2016: Old East Malvern 6 v 0 Maccabi

The seconds played Old East Malvern, missing a number of players and carrying a couple injuries including a goalkeeper with a broken thumb it was always going to be struggle against the 3rd placed team, a couple well executed short corners and some lapses in defence saw OEM go into the half time break 4 goals up. The team regrouped and played the second half with a lot more determination, Max Abrahams, Lior Aufgang and Arielle Ben Moyal tried relentlessly but could not manage to score. Neil Abraham and Nathan Guttman were solid in defence which resulted in OEM only scoring 2 goals in the second half.


Rd 11 10/7/2016: Maccabi 0 v 5 Knox

On a cold wet day the seconds played Knox going down 5-0. The team battled hard the whole game but could not convert their goal scoring opportunities.


Rd 9 19/6/2016: Old Carey 3 v 0 Maccabi

The seconds went down 3-0 to Old Carey in a battling performance. Asher Klebaner and Josh Tremigliozzi were resolute in defence while hard running from Nathan Guttmann, Andrew Schnapp and David Treger ensured an uncomfortable afternoon for Old Carey.


Rd 10 15/6/2016: ECHO 1 v 1 Maccabi (Treger)

In a rescheduled game played last week Wednesday, the team got its first point of the season in a hard-fought 1-1 draw with ECHO. David Treger scored the goal on the end of a flowing move started by Arianna Aufgang. Max Abrahams almost scored the winner in the last minutes but his deflection went just wide.


Rd 8 5/6/2016: Maccabi 1 v 2 Waverley (Goodrich)

In another tight tussle the 2nds went down to Waverley 2-1 after Daniel Goodrich scored to put Maccabi in the lead, Waverley scored from a goal mouth scramble and scored the winner from an unlucky deflection off a Maccabi stick. Nathan Guttman, Josh Tremigliozzi and Benji Perlow were solid in defence and with Hayden Aizicowitz in goals they kept Waverley at bay


Rd 7 29/5/2016: Old Camberwell Grammar 2 v 1 Maccabi (Krawitz)

In a very tight tussle with Old Camberwell Grammar the seconds lost 2-1, it was by far Maccabi’s best performance this season. David Zwier and Lior Aufgang ran hard upfront and earned a couple short corners, a well executed “Shatzi” by Mark Aarons and Darren Krawitz resulted in a goal for “The President”, unfortunately a defensive lapse late in the second half allowed Old Camberwell to score the winner.


Rd 6 22/5/2016: Camberwell 4 v 1 Maccabi (Aarons)

In a tough contest the seconds fought hard and were 1 – 0 down at halftime. Harden Aizicowitz was solid in goals and kept Maccabi in the game, Mark Aarons scored a goal from a short corner late in the second half.  It was the team’s best performance this season and they displayed their fighting spirit right to the final whistle


Rd 5 15/5/2016: Maccabi 1 v 7 Old Xaverians (Treger)

The seconds lost 7-1 to Old Xaverians, with a goal to David Treger briefly giving Maccabi hope at 3-1 down. Paul Tremigliozzi was creative up forward while Hayden Aizicowitz (GK) and Josh Tremigliozzi were resolute in defense, however old Xaverians’ greater experience told in the end


Rd 4: BYE


Rd 3 1/5/2016: Maccabi 0 v 4 Old East Malvern

The seconds went down 4-0 to Old East Malvern. The team started well in the first half, winning a couple of short corners which could not be converted and went into the half time break 1-0 down. Defensive lapses in the 2nd half resulted in the score line blowing out.


Rd 2 27/4/2016: Knox 4 v 0 Maccabi


Rd 1 17/4/2016: Maccabi 0 v 8 ECHO

The team started well and created a couple of goal scoring opportunities early on but were 2-0 down at half time, unfortunately fitness and a couple injuries disrupted the structure in the 2nd half and we lost 8-0. Well done to Lior Aufgang, Naomi Aufgang and Gaby Lefkovits who all debuted for the club

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