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Weekly Scoreboard and News - 22 June 2017

Posted: 22-Jun-2017 by Maccabi Hockey Club

Scoreboard and Upcoming Fixtures

SENIORS-FIRSTS  Round 8: Maccabi 1 - 4 Old Carey

Maccabi Hockey Club’s Pennant G team has gone down to Old Carey 4-1. It was truly a game of two halves as an error strewn opening period quickly saw the team down 3-0, each goal the result of a poor turnover and then missed tackles. After the second goal was conceded, Maccabi started to control the ball better, Simon Krampel in midfield instrumental in distributing to the wide players in space.

In the second half, Maccabi looked to atone for its poor opening, and quickly got on the front foot. A superb piece of play starting with Adam Bogatin found Jarred Grek, who played it back to Orren Chabat on the 25. Chabat laid an early ball to Krampel who deflected it into the circle to a free Bryce Watson on the spot; Watson doing what he needed to control the ball and put it in the corner. Maccabi kept up its dominance for the whole half, controlling possession and territory through strong closing down and simple distribution. It created a myriad of chances, both from field play and short corners, however the finishing skills were off – many shots missing the target or being fired straight at the keeper. Old Carey finished the game off with a goal from a rare foray forward to take Maccabi’s spot in the top 4.

Upcoming Fixtures: 

Vs PEGS, H1 at 12:30pm

SENIORS-SECONDS  Round 8: Maccabi 3 - 6 Old Melbournians

The Maccabi Metro B team went down 6-3 to Old Melbournians in a game that was far closure than a normal top and bottom encounter.

The Maccabi team went into the game with only 11 players and missing their first-choice keeper, with Josh Tremigliozzi filling-in in goals. While Old Melbournians appeared to have more experience on the park, it was the Maccabi players who started stronger through the middle, with the two Davids, Treger and Cohen, causing issues for their opponents. While Maccabi went down 1-0 within the first 10, this become 1-1 when a strong run by Maccabi resulted in a short corner, which was converted by Daniel Grunfeld for his first of 3 goals for the game. With momentum in the first half swinging back and forwards, Maccabi had numerous opportunities to score, but it was the Old Melbournian side that put away their opportunities, going up 3-1. The first half ended in controversy with an aggressive player swinging his stick at Ilan Volchek following an accidental bump. The swearing and general poor behaviour from the Old Melbournian player souring what had been otherwise a good half of hockey.

However this incident only fired up the Maccabi team going into the second half, with Phil de Carvalho Koch, Volchek and Cohen cutting open the Old Melbournians through the middle. Cohen was particularly deadly, with his running and passing game earning him best on ground. Unfortunately, Maccabi couldn’t find the back of the net, with Grunfeld missing several opportunities, including 2 tomahawks, raising the question why he even bothers on the backstick. With the opposition putting 2 goals in, the score stood at 5-1 with 20 minutes left. This was when Maccabi clicked into gear. A well directed ball from defence found Ari Hoffman on the wing, who set up Grunfeld for his second goal. Then a few minutes later in almost identical style, Hoffman again found the ball, but this time she squared it to Cohen who assisted Grunfeld for his third. With the score now 5-3, Maccabi felt they were in with a chance. However with only 11 players it was inevitable that the team would tire, and while Nathan Guttmann and Paul Tremigliozzi played well all day at fullback and stand in keeper Josh made some good saves under difficult conditions, they were unable to stop the Old Melbourians 6th in the last minutes of the game.

Upcoming Fixtures: 

Vs TEM Blue, H1 at 11am

 MASTERS   Round 8: Maccabi 2 - 4 Geelong

A must win game saw Maccabi take the long drive out to Bundoora tonight to play LaTrobe. LaTrobe are sitting second while Maccabi are barely making Top 4.

During the week off due to the long weekend the Maccabi vets all did different things. The Man Shake Levy, who had been missing for 2 weeks when he fell into a storm drain due to his weight loss, was found in port Phillip bay clinging to drift wood. The Professor Berhang finally got his PHD in soft tissue injuries. Browndog spent most of the week off at the Victorian College of Arts honing his acting skills in preparation for this weeks game. Game Changer successfully sued Women's Day for claiming he was not the most handsome man in the world. The jury sided with Game Changer as no reasonable person could believe the article. Game Changer felt he was shamed and is waiting on damages.

Some big ins this week. Dazzling Diamond Beville returned from space where he had been mining the moon for blood diamonds. Foggy Goggles Geiger was excited to play tonight. He had just had his custom Goggles serviced and upgraded. The upgrade included automatic wiper blades. Big Dave Birnbaum returned from New Zealand where he ate mostly lamb.

The first half started with a bet between Game Changer and The Evergreen Rosner. The bet was over who would get sent off first, Browndog or Pistol Pete. It was the safest bet Game Changer had ever taken and faster than a Brazilian goal against Australia Browndog was sent off. Game Changer collected yet again. Thomahawk Grunny was yelling instructions from the sidelines mostly to the umpires who asked him to come onto the field just so they could send him off again. It wasn't long after Browndog returned to the field that a short corner was blown. Game Changer had direct sight and watched beautifully as Pistol Pete pushed the ball out to the Contractor Suss who stopped the ball and pushed it out to The Man Shake Levy. The Man Shake wound up and sent the ball into the base of the goal. The goal had to be replaced due to the insane damage the ball had done. The Man Shake pointed to his opponent and backflipped back to his spot at left inner. The Scalpel Flicker was tighter than Thomahawks toochus up forward. Not much went by him apart from his opponents.

At half time Maccabi were looking good up 1-0. During the half time speech Thomahawk reflected on the importance of Game Changers handsomeness. The team were given 10 seconds each to describe Game Changers strong features. Harley Davidson started and went on for 2 minutes Thomahawk had to cut the activity short as the whistle had blown to start the second half. The throng of journalists would have to wait.

The second half could be described as a joke. The Maccabi players felt that they were playing 13 players as the umpiring decisions were not going their way. Picture this: Pistol Pete pushing a Coles trolley at camberwell market wearing nothing but his birthday suit while thousand of people cheer for him. Back to the game. The Convertible Seklar was busy admiring Game Changers fans when LaTrobes attack slipped through for an easy goal. Clean Sheet Roma was taking a nap at this stage as was the rest of our defence. It was now 1-1 and Game on! Not for long though because LaTrobe scored 2 more while Game Changer was getting a rubdown of his tight hamstrings.

The final score was a 1-3 loss. The umpires were not too happy with Thomahawks back chat and made him write 100 lines saying "I will not talk back to the umpires".

Some of the team ate dinner followed by dessert at the kosher Preston establishment Custom Burgers.

Upcoming Fixtures: 

Vs Werribee, Albert Park at 8.30pm

UNDER 16s  Round 7: Maccabi 7 - 0 Powerhouse

The team has won every game and are sitting top of the ladder! Get down and support them for the rest of the season – the future of the club is here!

Upcoming Fixtures:

Vs Camberwell, Albert Park at 10am

UNDER 14s Round 7: Maccabi 1 - 1 KBH Brumbies

The team is undefeated in their first season together! Many of these players are in their first ever year of hockey – very exciting for the club!

Upcoming Fixtures:

Vs Camberwell, Koonung Secondary College at 9.30am


End of year dinner:

SAVE THE DATE! Maccabi’s end of year dinner will be held on Sunday October 8! More details to come…!

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