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Weekly Scoreboard and News - 25 May 2017

Posted: 04-May-2017 by Maccabi Hockey Club

Welcome back for Season 2017! Again we bring you results and match reports, along with other goings on around the club each week

Scoreboard and Upcoming Fixtures

SENIORS-FIRSTS  Round 1: Maccabi 4 – 6 Greater Dandenong Warriors

Maccabi Hockey Club has gone down in the opening round of the season with a 6-4 loss to Greater Dandenong Warriors. Having moved up two divisions this season on the back of returning players Adam Bogatin, Simon Krampel and Dion Verstandig, as well as the continued inclusion of the club’s younger brigade, Maccabi went into the game optimistic about its chances at the higher level.

However, it soon found itself under the pump early in the game, its loose marking in midfield allowing the experienced Dandenong team to make its way into the Maccabi circle with relative ease. The pressure told as Dandenong got the opening goal from the third of a series of short corners. It was soon 3 goals up as loose marking in Maccabi’s defence allowed Dandenong easy shots in the circle.

Maccabi had the chance to get back into the game, but a Marc Aarons shot from a short corner was well saved in the bottom corner by the Dandenong keeper. Nathan Sweet was working hard defensively to keep Dandenong out, but Maccabi’s defensive shortcomings were again exposed as turnovers through midfield were ruthlessly converted into goals by Dandenong to lead 5-0 at half time.

It was 6-0 shortly after half time from a short corner, but Maccabi started to move the ball better, using the full width of the pitch to go around the strong Dandenong midfield ably supported by halves Elijah Goldman and Joel Fink. Maccabi got its first goal on the board from a flowing team move; Simon Krampel tossing the ball over the Dandenong full backs to the free Jarrad Grek. One touch from Grek squared the ball and eliminated the onrushing Dandenong keeper, leaving Verstandig to run it into an open goal.

Bogatin soon scored a second, buttering up a rebound to put the ball in from a tight angle. Mark Bloom got a third when he found himself on the end of a flowing move from one end of the pitch to the other, burying a shot from the top of the circle into the bottom corner. Krampel scored Maccabi’s fourth from a short corner, but it ran out of time to complete the comeback. 

Upcoming Fixtures: 

Round 2: vs TEM     30-Apr at 14:00 at Albert Park

Round 3: vs RMIT   07-May at 14:00 at F-1 - Footscray Hockey Centre

SENIORS-SECONDS  Round 1: Maccabi 0 – 1 Melbourne Uni

A new look Maccabi Twos made the trip across town for an unlucky 1-0 loss to Melbourne University in Parkville.

The young Maccabi team started tentatively, with some early missed passes and skill errors. However, they soon kicked into gear with David Treger taking control through the middle and best on ground Paul Tremigliozzi giving great run down the right. Uni started to get on top midway through the half, but the attacks were continually thwarted by Gaby Lefkovitz and Josh Tremigliozzi, who both played their best games yet for the club. They were assisted by Hayden Aizicowitz who made several great saves in goals. Unfortunately, a hole was found in a tired Maccabi defence late in the half as the home side went into the halftime break 1-0 up.

Maccabi came out firing in the second half with Ilan Volchek and David Cohen both stepping up in the forward line. The pair ripped through the Uni defence on several occasions, but were unable to capitalise. Maccabi then missed its best opportunity of the game to score, with the team unable to capitalise on 5 consecutive short corners. Not even a brilliant intercept and long run from Josh Tremigliozzi was enough to get Maccabi the goal they deserved with the shot created from his efforts going wide. Two late short corners for the visitors were both squandered as the score remained 1-0 at full time.

Upcoming Fixtures: 

Round 2: vs TEM Red   30-Apr at 12:30 at Albert Park

Round 3: vs Hawthorn  07-May at 12:30 at H-1 - Hawthorn-Malvern Hockey Centre

 MASTERS   Round1:  Maccabi 0 – 2 La Trobe Uni

A lot can happen over a Summer. A new President rules over the free world, Game Changer walked the runways of Milan and Paris and a new baby arrived for the evergreen Rosner. Now I know you readers enjoy the complete truth from these articles so I'm going to continue giving the readers what they want. The complete and utter truth without a hint of a lie.

While writing this I think back to the times Game Changer played for the World 11 in both Hockey and cricket and wonder how he managed to stay so modest and handsome throughout his journey. Having said that I was looking forward to watching his return tonight against LaTrobe at Albert Park.

There were a few outs tonight. Harley Davidson thought he would do the team thing and watch his pathetic Demons give up a 20 point lead in the final quarter and lose against Richmond. Danger Wayne levy cut his finger with a blunt spoon. When he called the Thomahawk to give the bad news you could hear the cries coming down the phone. Dazzling Diamond Beville was a late scratching too. Apparently he was too busy polishing his diamond. Pistol Pete couldn't make it either. He fell asleep on the couch and snored so loudly the Zoo were called. The neighbours thought a ferrel pig had broken into the house.

The rains had come tonight but disappeared once Game Changers driver opened the car door. A Facebook group had been setup by Game Changers fans to discuss his whereabouts and handsomeness. Most of the ten thousand strong fans had turned up to watch tonight.

The first half started saw some magnificent feats from Game Changer. Some other highlights came from The Accountant Birnbaum and The Convertible Seklar. Astonishing defence saw the opposition creaking at the knees. Time after time Maccabis strong defence including some magnificence from the Professor Berhang smashed the ball away. They say cameras add 10 pounds to someone. There must have been about 20 cameras watching. It looked like most of the summer the Maccabi vets spent at KFC and Dinelis.

The Retiree Suss played his usual way. Giving lip service to his opponent. At one stage he was so close to his opponent I wasn't sure if he was going to ask him out or just go straight to 3rd base. Gary Browndog had spent $530 on a new hockey stick. He thought it would improve his game and looks. He was sadly mistaken. His game tonight was atrocious. For a guy who spends most of his spare time practising his toss his ball tossing tonight nearly smashed some car windows 2 suburbs away.

The Thomahawk thought he would show his son how to be sent off in style. The Man with The Foggy Glasses Geiger also got sent off for abusing the umpire. It was a sight to see if only he could see it. The Insolvenator Kanevsky was solid in 3 positions. That's 2 more positions than he is used to. The Scalpel Flicker was steady up forward. There was one during the game I thought he was going to scalp his opponent ala Inglorious Basterds but it was not to be. Sour Dough Baigel needed some heavy kneading tonight. It was a tough game for everyone tonight especially the 14 fans who fainted at Game Changers sight. Fortunately they all recovered in time to be greeted after the match by Game Changer at which point they all fainted again. It's a vicious cycle Game Changer is used to.

The final score was a two nil loss to Maccabi.

Upcoming Fixtures: 

Round 2: vs Werribee   01-May at 19:30 at WER - Werribee Hockey Centre

Round 3: vs Altona   08-May at 20:30 at Albert Park


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