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Weekly Scoreboard and News - 28 July 2016

Posted: 28-Jul-2016 by Maccabi Hockey Club

A loss for the firsts but a big win for the vets.

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Scoreboard and Upcoming Fixtures

SENIORS-FIRSTS  Round 13: Maccabi 0 - 6 Old Melburnians

Maccabi hockey club put in its worst performance of the year in going down 6-0 to second placed Old Melburnians on Sunday. It was an uncharacteristically poor performance for Maccabi who were sloppy in position and slow in transitioning to defence. Lawrence Lifson missed the game’s first opportunity when he put a sharp chance just wide of the near post. A wasted short corner soon after, which was won by Reuben Grunfeld on his senior debut, was as good as Maccabi managed to generate for the rest of the first half. As the half went on, misplaced passes coming out of defense kept allowing Old Melburnians to attack the Maccabi circle, where Ben Kaye, Orren Chabat and Ethan Faifer were unable to keep the opposition out the whole time. Despite some good saves from Faifer, Old Melburnians scored two goals, the first from open play and the second from a mishit short corner.

Going into the second half, Maccabi knew it needed to move the ball earlier and play with greater intensity. However, after it conceded a third goal ten minutes into the half, only a late chance for Mark Bloom threatened to get Maccabi back into the game. Otherwise, it was one-way traffic as Maccabi continued to turn the ball over, and Old Melburnians put three more on the board. 

Upcoming Fixtures: 

Round 14: vs MCC 31-Jul at 17:00 at MHS - MHS-MCC Hockey Facility

Round 15: vs TEM Red  07-Aug at 14:00 at Albert Park


Upcoming Fixtures: 

Round 14: vs Old Xaverians 31-Jul at 14:00 at KNG - Koonung Secondary School

Round 15: vs Camberwell 07-Aug at 12:30 at Albert Park

 MASTERS   Round 14: Maccabi 6 – 0 Brunswick

Luckily the expected storm stopped just before Maccabi stepped onto the field Monday night or someone would have had to call for a fleet of ambulances to revive 23 players from hypothermia.


Some of the Vets noticed the absence of;

Game changer (MiniMe)

Big Wayne

Long Arms Harley

Brown Dog

Sesame Wholemeal Sourdough Bagel

Black Diamond Beville

Wild Pete


But a number of committed players stepped up to more than cover the absence (many without a doctor’s note) of the regular players. Dwane Aaron, Wild Bill Tregar and Dazzling McHammy Tubsie all came to the party.


Brunswick had not won a game all year and no wonder why they had more bona fide injuries than Maccabi. 10 players vrs 12 and it was going to be a tough night. Maccabi started well with good Mmves by Slinky Suss and Geigercounter and The Administrator Kanevsky, finding a path through a robust Brunswick defence. Even hop along Dazzler McTubsie got into the act with a couple of early shots. He is not used to being so far up the field.


Luckily Game Changer was not on the field as he would only be able to run through the legs of these big Brunswick players. Some say he was used as a tunnel ball at school, others say he was mini me, in a film but we have all but confirmed game changer (aka Mini Me) was home tucked up in bed with a plush toy bug.


Brunswick had a simple strategy: Put all their players in defence and see what happens. Maccabi could almost do what it wished with the ball as Brunswick formed its Roman defensive structure ( I am sure two of their players were asterix and obelix, young readers will have to look this up).

Maccabi tried to build a Trojan Horse without luck and went straight to plan b …. the cannon fire option that came from Robot No 1 Birnbaum and D-wane Aarons.


Balls rocketed into the circle from all angles but no one had the reflexes to trap them. Dazzler, Dr Flicker, nor the administrator could even see the ball as they went zinging past. Brunswick did not have many options to get the ball out of defence and tried every which way to work the ball out but could not get past the solid defence of the professor who had all the answers. They opted for the sideline and Maccabi went straight back into attack.


However after a number of frustrating misses the ball was trapped and passed across the circle to Tomahawk Grunfeld who as in name Tomahawked the ball into the goal. The scene was set for an all-out attack and Clean sheet Roma was seen looking for a heater, pillow and TV as it was going to be a long lonely night at his end of the field. Even the backs Silky Threads and Robot Dave had time to play Pokémon Go and were seen bumping into each other looking for Pikachu.


In all my years of playing I was lucky to witness one of the great Gillette moments in sport. Tomahawk passed the ball up the left side to Dazzling McTubsie who in turn did the right thing since he couldn’t run passed the ball to Dr Flicker who was moving at a pace that I have never seen before.  I don’t know what it was a blood rush, peptides, a V drink, taurine, codeine, a pre-game laxative but Dr Flicker was moving at a serious pace…. Dazzler passed the ball at what would be Dr Flickers normal trot but as he was moving so fast the good Dr over ran the ball and it went out over the sideline. I was speechless. The good Dr made a couple of impressive moves all night and we will have him drug tested later in the week.

Maccabi was keen to get the score up to reflect its abilities and off they went. Slinky Suss was next to score off a good build up. Tomahawk was given a slow ball by D-wane Aarons to fire a fly ball across the goal into an awaiting net. It was so fast it burned a hole in the keeper glove. Brunswick had no chance, one player was wearing a bandana … like sooo sixties. As hard as they tried Maccabi’s defence was too strong and they could not get a ball into attack. Each one was thwarted by good defence, even Silky Threads Sekler picked a couple of balls off the attacks.

The ball was driven time and again into the Brunswick circle but Maccabi try as they might could not convert until The administrator slotted one home. After a good half time drosher from Captain Grunfeld the team refocused and started off the second half slotting another two goals to finish the game 6 – 0. The next two games will be a test as the team comes up against 4th place and 5th Place Essendon. With the finals nearing Maccabi Vets will have to win these two games to cement a place in the finals.

Upcoming Fixtures:

Round 15: vs Essendon  01-Aug at 19:00 at ES1 - Essendon Hockey Centre

Round 16: vs La Trobe Uni White 08-Aug at 21:00 at LAT - KP Hardiman Reserve

UNDER 16s   Round 10: Maccabi 2 – 6 Camberwell Tangerine

On an icy day Sunday morning, Maccabi U16's hosted a game against Camberwell Tangerine.   In the 1st five minutes, Tangerine dominated the game, with multiple opportunities to score, but after a breakaway by Maccabi, Nathan Sweet scored a convincing goal that opened the scoring for the day.  Within minutes, Tangerine had levelled the score by converting a short corner.  It was then Centre half Joel Fink who smacked the 2nd goal into the back of the net to help Maccabi go 2-1 up, only to be followed by yet another short corner conversion by Tangerine.  By half time, the score was 2-2 and it was game on.

However from the start of the 2nd half, Maccabi seemed to have lost their way.  Outclassed, outskilled and outrun by a better team, who kept up their momentum and pressure to score a further 4 goals to win 6-2. A disappointing result after such a hard-fought 1st half.

Best: Reuben Grunfeld, Timna Gore, Joel Fink, Vinnie Page

Upcoming Fixtures:

Round 11: vs MCC  31-Jul at 09:30 at MHS - MHS-MCC Hockey Facility

Round 12: vs TEM  07-Aug at 11:00 at Albert Park

UNDER 12s   Round 10: Maccabi 1 – 2 Southern United

Sunday morning was cold 5 degrees on the car gauge. 10 am start at Moorabbin and the team needed a good warmup to get the icicles off. Unfortunately, a couple of the players were running late, so Maccabi were not off to a good start. Maccabi has started well all season and today was no different. Jacob Irons and Simon Valentine worked well together to get the ball to Jordan Treger

And Southern United were already under pressure. The backs we able to repel the first few Maccabi attacks but after 7 minutes of relentless attacking Jeremy Grunfeld was able to get the ball and weave his way through the plethora of defenders to slot the ball into the net. Maddy Better, Nathan Valentine, Gideon Miller all did good work.

Southern United were not done they held the ball and passed it to their attackers working the ball around Maccabi players. Maccabi defenders Daniel Lindross and Shai Chabbat stood firm and repelled each attack. Southern United kept finding ways through the defensive structure and in one of their breaks they got into the circle and Henry Wise was up to the task.

The second half started as the first half with Maccabi attacking but missing crucial passes and running the ball at defenders turned over the ball. The ball went end to end a number of times and Maccabi had some near misses but southern united were determined to equal the score and did with an impressive effort through their right side attack. Maccabi who had much of the attack was a bit surprised but fought on and midway through the second half  attack mounted by Simon Valentine pushed the ball to Jordan Treger who pushed the ball to Gideon Miller across the circle to the awaiting Andrew Segeman and into the net.You never saw a bigger smile on a kid. He was chuffed with his effort.

Southern United tried to equalise but had run out of puff and Maccabi won 2 – 1.

Upcoming Fixtures:

Round 11: vs Southern United Red 31-Jul at 11:00 at Albert Park

Round 12: vs Mornington Peninsula 07-Aug at 09:30 at PHC - Peninsula Hockey Centre


Maccabiah Hockey Movie Night - To support the Maccabiah Hockey team to get to Israel in 2017 we are holding a movie night at the Classic Cinema in Elsternwick on Sunday August 14 at 6:30pm to see Jason Bourne. Tickets are $20.
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