2017 Club Championships

The 2017 Maccabi Cycling Club Championships will be held in conjunction with the Victoria Jewish Cycling Championships . It will be an individual time trial, later in 2017.

Start line is at Walmer St end, turn point will be on the bridge over the freeway - if you don't go past the marker cone before turning around you'll be DQ'ed

Riders' briefing at 07:45, first rider off at about 08:00, then in 1 minute intervals. However, times will be confimed closer to the date once that is confirmed. 

NO time trial bikes / aero bars unless you are doing a Maccabiah Qualifer. If so it will be two laps of the course not one. Please contact us if you are wanting to use this opportunity as a qualifier.


Age is based on your age on the day of the event.

Overall / open.
U15 & U17
18 - 29
30 - 39
40 - 49
50 - 59
Women to compete in as one category / division.

There will be club awards as well as open Victorian awards. If you are a member and win it covers both. Please go online to register for the event at http://shop.maccabicycling.com.au/ or contact us at info@maccabicycling.com.au 

It's not winning that matters, it's having a go! 

Our start house won't look anything like this one ....

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