2016 Club Championship Results

Overall Winner and Victorian Jewish Cycling Champion was JAI KANAT!

1. Jai Kanat 17m 00s
2. Ariel Golvan 17m 13s
3. Russell Glasser 17m 52s

Deborah Bell 22m 11s

Daniel Cohen 19m 20s
Joe Herzog 20m 50s
Toby Kanat 24m 32s
Nina Kanat 25m 50s

Jai Kanat 17m 00s
Rafael Unger 20m 53s

18 – 29
Ariel Golvan 17m 32s

30 – 39
Josh Cole 19m 39s
Jonatha Bell 19m 54s
Joshua Sharp 20m 02s

40 – 49
Russell Glasser 17m 52s
Jamie Flinker 18m 35s
Adam Rapoport 18m 53s
Gidon Kabaker 19m 18s
Ilan Almagor 21m 08s
Andrew Rubinfeld 22m 00s

50 – 59
Jeremy Shapiro 19m 18s
Grant Nadelman 19m 28s
Anton Herman 19m 33s
Maurice Bando 22m 39s

John Gould 21m 15s

Maccabiah Qualifier (2 laps of the course)                                                                                                    Avee Waislitz 41m 25s (QUALIFIED)

Well Done to all the participants as well as all the volunteers who helped out on the day. 

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