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2015 Club Championships

Posted: 11-Jun-2015 by Cycling

Club Champs Ariel Golvan and Miriam Treger

31 determined Maccabi Cycling members lined up un Sunday 31 May for the annual club championship.

Thanks to furious pedaling (and perhaps with a bit of help from his tadpole helmet) Ariel Golvan (time: 18:19) is our new club champ. Jai Kanat (18:29) took the middle step of the podium and Russell Glasser (18:44) rounded out the top three.

Mazeltov to Ariel and all the age category winners, but based on the smiles and conversation today wasn't all about winning, it was about participating and being part of the Club. 

You can download a complete list of winners by time and by age 

Happy cycling,
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Maccabi Cycling Club.

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