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Posted: 29-Nov-2013 by Cycling

Maccabi Cycling Club has had a sensational past few months full of social and sporting successes.

Around the Bay

On 19 October over 30 MCC riders completed the 180km Around the Bay including a significant group of MacChix and a few guests from NSW. The riders received pro-tour levels of support with a fully catered kosher banquet awaiting them in Sorrento thanks to John Gould of Pista Bikes.

Mount Macedon Challenge

On 10 November a few brave Maccabians rose up to the Mount Macedon Challenge. A tough 110Km of rolling hills, climbs, rain and strong wind. The spectacular scenery was thoroughly enjoyed every time the wind momentarily subsided.

Young Guns

On 16 November 14 year-old Maccabi super-Young-Gun Tommy Friedman crossed the line in 3rd place at the Juniors Race in Camplefield. Tommy is a talent of the future and the club rests its hopes and dreams in him and the other amazing Young Guns.

100th MacChix Ride

On 17 November over 20 riders joined the celebratory 100th MacChix ride to the Dandenongs. Riders ranged from beginners to experienced and rode together up one of Melbourne's most iconic climbs, the 1 in 20 to Sassafras.

New committee and New Kit for 2014

MCC is proud to welcome its newly elected committee members: Liz Rotberg and Alon Cassuto.

MCC also recently revealed its spectacular new riding kit which will be available to all 2014 members.

New Sponsors

MCC is also proud to welcome our new and not-so-new sponsors: Rubin Partners, Axis Property, Las Chicas, mBraceables, Bayside European, and Pista Bikes.

2014 Registrations Launching Soon

MCC will shortly be launching its 2014 membership drive and welcomes cyclists of all level- from those racing competitively to those who wish to get into cycling and don't know where to begin. For info

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