Strategic Plan

Maccabi Victoria All Abilities' strategic plan is designed to help fulfil our program vision and mission.

Our mission: To increase access and participation opportunities for Jewish people of all abilities in sport and active recreation.

Our vision: More Maccabi members of All Abilities participating in inclusive and integrated sporting and active recreational opportunities on a regular basis.

We have 3 key strategic priorities which are:

Strategic Priority 1: Enhanced Participation

Expanded opportunities for increased participation in a wide range of sporting and active recreational opportunities.

1.1 Increase the involvement of junior (under 18) participants

1.2 Upskill all coaches and volunteers to help facilitate the delivery of high-quality inclusive programs

1.3 Develop opportunities and pathways for supporting roles

1.4 Explore opportunities for Maccabi Victoria All Abilities members in the NDIS environment

Strategic Priority 2: Community Integration

Strengthened integration and inclusion of Maccabi All Abilities members within the Jewish community through sport and active recreation.

2.1 Identify opportunities on a local, national and international level for Maccabi All Abilities members to participate in sport and active recreation.

2.2 Connect with the wider Jewish community, all abilities community and Maccabi networks to identify and deliver opportunities for involvement and integration.

2.3 Increase community awareness through involvement in education and advocacy activities.

Strategic Priority 3: Club Education

Strengthened education of Maccabi clubs focused on increased integration in a variety of roles for Maccabi members of all abilities.

3.1 Develop a good practice resource for all Maccabi clubs focusing on working with members of all abilities.

3.2 Work closely with the Maccabi Victoria Pathways coordinator.

3.3 Build strong partnerships with a wide range of Maccabi Victoria clubs to identify and facilitate a range of participation opportunities.


Our Keys to Success are:

Governance and Stakeholders: Strong and effective governance supported by significant stakeholder engagement and input.

Communication and Marketing: Accessible communication and marketing for all key stakeholders.

Relationship Building: Establishment and maintenance of a wide range of partnerships and relationships including staff, volunteers and organisations with shared values.

Capacity Building: Building the Maccabi All Abilities organisational capacity to ensure long term sustainability.

Member Protection: Member protection and safety in all activities underlying the Maccabi All Abilities banner.


Our key measurable targets during this time will be:

* Increased opportunities for involvement for junior members (under 18).

* Development of training and education processes for members of all abilities to undertake non-playing/support roles for mainstream clubs.

* The integration of a customised disability best practice resources into Maccabi Australia’s online learning platform.

* Continuous offering of at least 3 opportunities per week for members (during non-holiday times).

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