Member Protection Policy


Maccabi’s Member Protection Policy vision is:

To establish and maintain a transparent member protection system that is to apply at all levels of the Maccabi organisation (including MAI on a national level, State Representative Members on a State level and Affiliated Sports Clubs and members on a local level) (collectively called “Maccabi”).

To establish policies and procedures that:

  • work to protect the rights and interests of all those persons who participate or are otherwise involved in Maccabi activities;
  • explain the rights and obligations that each of them have under relevant legislation; and
  • enable Maccabi to take disciplinary action against Participants who do not act in accordance with its  standards.

To provide capable and innovative leadership and arrangements that ensure that the above vision is successfully implemented and maintained in a transparent  fashion and on an on-going basis in a manner that will, as far as possible, help to unite and protect Maccabi and its members.

The MPP Handbook is designed to enable Maccabi to realise its vision, by explaining our standards and enabling our Participants to take action when they need to. 


All Participants involved with Maccabi are expected and required to comply with the standards of behaviour set out in the MPP.

“Participants” means all paid or unpaid/voluntary:

  • office bearers; 
  • individuals appointed or elected to boards, commissions, tribunals, committees and sub-committees, employees and volunteers;
  • players and athletes;
  • members including Life Members;
  • coaches and assistant coaches;
  • support personnel (e.g. managers, physiotherapists, psychologists, masseurs, sport trainers, etc);
  • disability support workers and carers;
  • officials and any other personnel participating in any teams, events and activities, including camps and training sessions, conducted or sanctioned by MAI, any State Body or any Club;
  • referees, judges and other officials; and
  • parents and guardians of Members to the full extent that is possible.


The MPP Handbook sets out the Policies and Procedures relating to Member Protection. It also includes various internal and external resources that you may be interested in.

Subsequent additions to this Handbook are a Club Management Tool Kit, providing all levels of the organisation the tools for implementation, and the third document contains the guidelines by which the Maccabi Grievance and Appeals Tribunals will be conducted.  These documents are available on request.

All Abilities and the MPP

The MPP contains a section outlining Maccabi's Disability and Inclusion policies.

Click here to access Maccabi Australia's policy and governance documents.

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