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the glen eira rangers

Check out the Glen Eira Rangers All Abilities Soccer Team in action, in this short clip of their first soccer match.


'Creating equal access and opportunity 

Here is a snapshot of the variety of programs for Maccabi Victoria All Abilities members.
From Basketball to Ten Pin Bowling, Soccer to Animal integration program, we are delighted with this this growing club and proud of all our members


'Lets play basketball'

Maccabi Victoria All Abilities Dolphins Basketball Team have been playing and training for ~8 years.

In 2013, they had a competitive match against the Mckinnons All Abilities team.

This video captures the essence of this inclusive basketball team, which has allowed people with disabilities to participate in sport and recreation, with a smile on their face!


Maccabi Victoria - connecting the Jewish community through sport

Maccabi Victoria is an exciting rewarding community, offering it's members of all abilities the chance to reach their full sporting potential. Making friends, achieving higher, and feeling good through sport. 


richard bernstein at maccabi victoria all abilities project launch

Sit back, relax and enjoy the wise words of inspiring keynote speaker 'Richard Bernstein' at the Maccabi Victoria All Abilities Project Launch on March 12th 2014 at Mossgreen, Armadale. 


The SHTICK: Shelly Freeman interviews Richard Bernstein

Shelly Freeman interviews Richard Bernstein about his mission, the events he is keynote speaker at and his impression of Australia.

Richard Bernstein interview Segment 1
Richard Bernstein interview Segment 2

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