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A Super Adventure

Posted: 06-Jun-2016 by All Abilities

As part of Maccabi All Abilities and Jewish Care's Steps to Good Health program, we've been learning all about healthy eating and making healthy food choices.

This week we went on an adventure to the supermarket. We looked many different things including:

  • What affects your choices you make when buying food (such as packaging, cost, country of origin)
  • Different ways of buying the same product (e.g. pre cut, packaged, loose)
  • Where things are located in the supermarket
  • How to compare the nutritional panels of similar products
  • Sneaky marketing tricks the supermarkets play to try and encourage you to buy certain products

The most important thing we discussed was that there isn't a "right" or "wrong" but that it's about making the right choices for you at that time.

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