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Snap Send Solve app great for accessibility

Posted: 19-Jan-2016 by All Abilities

About Snap Send Solve

Snap Send Solve allows you to snap a picture of any issues that need to be resolved, and the app will send it to the relevant Council or organisation. 

This means that if you see something which is a safety or accessibility issue, you can report it to the relevant authorities without having to be stuck on the phone for ages.

The app is available for Apple and Android.

What is Snap Send Solve? (from their website)

Like all great ideas, Snap Send Solve was developed from a simple thought - “wouldn’t it be great if I could report this broken swing in the park through an app”.

The result has been a robust, user focused, mobile app that takes all the thinking out of reporting to local authorities. Using publicly available data, Snap Send Solve was entered into a Victorian Government ‘App My State’ competition in 2010 where it was well received.

The premise was simple: the app works out where you are, who manages incidents within that particular area and then using a users own email address sends through relevant information such as location, incident type and any related image to the correct contact.

The best part? Users didn’t have to wait in phone queues, pass on any additional personal information, if they didn’t wish, and the same app could be used anywhere in Australia - no need to download an app every time you travel across the country.

After being available to download for a number of years and receiving an increasing amount of feedback from users, Snap Send Solve was redeveloped so that it could similarly work in conjunction with Water, Gas and Electricity companies, Asset Management bodies and a number of other organisations who want to be a part of Australia’s most used incident reporting app.

Today, Snap Send Solve allows users to report incidents to every single council in Australia - yes every single council - as well as a growing list of new organisations.

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