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Spotlight on: Beit Rafael

Posted: 01-Oct-2015 by All Abilities

Beit Rafael provides accommodation for families to live in while their loved one is receiving hospital treatment.

There are three fully furnished and self-contained apartments, including foodstuffs, that are available to the community at no charge, to utilise during these times of concern and stress.

One apartment services the Royal Children’s, Royal Women’s and Royal Melbourne Hospitals. Another is across the street from Cabrini (Malvern) and the third is across the street from Monash Medical Centre in Clayton.

Beit Rafael has also recently launched its medical shuttle service. This specialised vehicle will be used to assist community members who require assistance to attend medical appointments.

A team of trained volunteers will be available to drive patients to their appointments and at a pre arranged time, will drive the patient back to their home. A special feature of this shuttle is an electronically operated car seat which transforms to a wheelchair, ensuring those who have difficulty gaining access to a car, can be transported easily and safely.

Beit Rafael does not have a set charge for this service. However maintenance and upkeep of the vehicle and running costs will need to be met. Donations will be gratefully accepted to assist offset these expenses.

Beit Rafael will keep working to bring other initiatives to the community to help those who need.

For more information on any of the services please call Beit Rafael on 0421 408 522

The new medical shuttle with inbuilt wheelchair.
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