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The Sky's The Limit for Brilliant Ben

Posted: 09-Jun-2015 by All Abilities

Ben Rychter has been an amazing part of the All Abilities team, as a member, volunteer, coach and even sitting on the All Abilities Committee. It's no wonder that he was recently awarded our Club Volunteer of the Year Award!

Scroll down to read Ben's story written by our work placement student Fodis, and also his story in his own words.

Our work placement student Fodis K (Latrobe Uni) wrote a piece on Ben and his great story:

Ben Rychter was recently successful in obtaining a job with Highett Youth Club, through Gymnastics Victoria as a facilitator. Ben has begun work as an apprentice coach.

Ben has been involved with Maccabi All Abilities for several years, volunteering and had paid work experience in a number of programs such as tennis, ten-pin bowling, running the table tennis program and being involved as a youth leader for the Melbourne Junior Carnival in January 2015. He has also sat on the All Abilities committee, attending monthly meetings with representatives from Maccabi Victoria and other key stakeholders (Jewish Care, Access Inc, Friendship Circle) as well as parents of our All Abilities members.

He has various qualifications including an advanced diploma in sport and recreation, certificate 3 in fitness, introductory massage course, and certificate IV in personal training as well as a Mini Moves Course which enables Ben to train young children. To add to his already impressive resume, Ben will also achieve his Certificate II in sport coaching.

To obtain this position Ben had to go through two interviews, one with Genevieve Gibson (Gymnastics Victoria Officer, Inclusion) and a second with the Highett Youth Club centre manager. Ben is working at the centre three times a week with participants of different ages and ability levels; his role is to assist the coach and participants, learning coaching skills and appropriate techniques.

The role came about through Government Victoria’s inclusive initiative around Leaders with Disability. This initiative was formed through partnership with WISE employment and is funded by VicHealth and Sport and Recreation Victoria.

We wish Ben all the best of luck in this position and his future endeavours. We are so proud of you! 


Ben also wrote about his experiences with both Maccabi All Abilities and Access:

Hi I am Ben Rychter a 29 year old man, who has had an association with All Abilities for 18 months.

As part of a valued member of Maccabi All Abilities I have been working on the All Abilities Committee discussing and contributing to the upcoming events.

The Meetings have been a pleasure to attend.  I have been on the committee and have met amazing people along the way.  They have shown me the importance of volunteering your time and creating working opportunities that have come through sheer hard work and determination.

The main person who made me the most comfortable was Lauren Mandel, who has an amazing persona about her, who took me under her wing, and taught me to reach out and go for your dreams. I am very grateful to Lauren for giving me volunteer work, introducing me to amazing people through Maccabi and the organization and really having that belief in me at the start that I can build on my experience and achieve big things. 

Lauren Mandel has a beautiful heart, helps others, treats everyone with respect and is a fantastic worker, who shows initiative and realized my potential and I can’t thank her enough from the bottom of my heart, for the amazing work that she has done.

Also I want to talk about my experience with Access Inc, which I have been doing for 7 years now. I initially did not want to do Access, but my mum said it would be a great opportunity for me, and said you are a very patient person and you would work really well with young adults with all abilities and you would really do a good job. So in 2008 in April  I started having a meeting with Lenny Gross and it started from there and I have never looked back.  I come to Access on a Friday for around 35 minutes and get the young adults fit and healthy with an exercise program that is not too rigorous, but just to get the adults moving and active. It is great for me to be able to use my Personal Training Qualifications here.

As part of All Abilities I have been invited to assist at events like the tribal dance event in 2013 in October and helped out as a assistant with helping out on the day and driving the instructor to venue, also helping source fruit donations and really enjoying the day. Also have been to other events like All Abilities Basketball event helping out assisting and making sure that the adults were comfortable and enjoying themselves.

As part of my experience, I worked this year in January for the Maccabi Junior Carnival as a Youth Leader helping out with events and making sure kids were comfortable and always giving positive reinforcement and leading by example.  Lauren Mandel initiated this position for me to volunteer at the Junior Carnival, I went through an interview process and eventually got the job, thanks to Lauren Mandel showing faith in me and saying that I would be a perfect volunteer for the carnival, as I have had so much experience and always put a smile on my face and lead by example.

As part of Maccabi I have also been involved in the Maccabi Bowling League on Tuesday nights and have met amazing people like Michael Cohen who I have built a good friendship with as we enjoy being part of a team.  We enjoy going to the movies together too now.  Jarrod Kesternberg, another person I have worked with who I met at  Maccabi Office and worked with on Junior Carnival has become a great friend. 

I thoroughly enjoy the paid and unpaid (voluntary) opportunities that All Abilities (Lauren) has given me.

By doing volunteering, working with Maccabi, being a youth leader for Junior carnival and Laurens assistance through Maccabi all abilities, has all worked to my advantage to get paid work. I now have got a paid position as an Assistant Coach at Highett Youth Club part time, assisting with kids, making sure they are comfortable and always leading by example.

As I close I want to say thank you to Lauren and All Abilities for the opportunities. I also want to acknowledge Lenny Gross and Louisa Gibson for showing faith in Me and helping me realise my potential.

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