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Supporting Business/Sports Management Uni student to learn and grow

Posted: 22-May-2015 by All Abilities

Here is an article written by Fodi, a Business (Sports Manager) student from Latrobe University. He is completing a 3-month placement at Maccabi Victoria, working with the All Abilities Inclusion Coordinator. 

I am currently in third year Bachelor of Business/Sports Management at La Trobe University. I have always had a love for sport since I can remember, participating in various after school activities, particularly soccer, helped to grow that passion and made me want to understand more about other sports. The way sport worked began to interest me towards the end of high school, how sporting events are put together, how sponsors link into sport, the role the media plays and so on.

My interest with Maccabi Victoria has stemmed from a few aspects; my father working in the disability sector had already made me respect those who work in the same area and gave me an appreciation of what they do. Therefore putting my passion for sport and recreation and my gratitude for those who work in disability together, I thought it would be a perfect fit to apply for a placement position at Maccabi Victoria with the All Abilities program. 

It has been quite a busy first few weeks in the Maccabi Victoria All Abilities office, I have been able to put together an incident report to be used during the programs if anything were to go wrong. I have been helping with various marketing and promotional work with Facebook posts and an interview with one of the volunteers which will be posted on the newsletter. I have been able to create a membership database and register members logging in any essential details that are needed and I have been lucky to sit in on a committee meeting which really helped translate theory into practice when it comes to governance.

As it is early days there is still a lot that I would like to take away from my time at Maccabi Victoria, I would like to further develop my knowledge on grant applications and the importance of funding, visit some of the programs that Maccabi All Abilities is already running and see how they are run and also be able to be a part of implementing a new program.

Once graduated there are two aspects of the sporting industry I would enjoy working in, disability in sports, particularly inclusion in mainstream team sports and sports disability on a national scale, like the Paralympics. I would also like to work in sports development, particularly soccer or futsal. 

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