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Alasdair the Hockey All-Star!

Posted: 23-Apr-2015 by All Abilities

Alasdair Clark came to Maccabi Victoria All Abilities, wanting to join a sports club where he could exercise more often and get fit as well as meet new people. He also expressed his love of playing Hockey as a young boy at school as well as enjoying watching hockey on TV during the Olympics and Commonwealth Games.  Therefore, joining the Hockey Club seemed like the perfect fit!

Although he has had years apart from the sport, he certainly hasn’t lost his touch. With the help of Lauren Mandel (Maccabi Victoria All Abilities Inclusion Coordinator) and Darren Krawitz (President of Maccabi Hockey Club) he was able to take part in his first training session at the Hawthorn Malvern Hockey Club.

Facilitated by Darren, Alasdair was able to attend his first training session where he was introduced to all the other players. The team were all happy to have him on board and get involved on the day.

Alasdair will now be attending training once a week on Wednesday evenings. The club has been very supportive and inclusive, particularly with helping him with transportation issues.

Alasdair’s goal is to eventually be fit enough to play competitively and he hopes to do this with the help of his new teammates teaching him new techniques. 

Written by: Fodis K (Student Placement)

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