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Updates on All Abilities @ Junior Carnival

Posted: 09-Jan-2015 by All Abilities

Junior Carnival: what a success!!!!!

The 2015 Melbourne Junior Carnival was an incredible success and an inspiring example of true integration and inclusion.

We were thrilled to be able to provide 28 of our All Abilities members and volunteers with the opportunity to get involved as:

  • Volunteers by working behind the scenes at the carnival at the different sporting and social events. We had 20 of our members working in a various roles including as precarnival preparation assistants, catering assistants, ushering, bump-in support, ticket sales and collection and setting up venues for several events. Please see below for a summary of these roles. 
  • Youth Leaders, including Ben Rychter and Zvi Schweitzer who volunteered alongside the other youth leaders before and during the carnival to support the participants stay safe and have fun. They played a vital role in ensuring the carnival ran smoothly and successfully. 
  • Participant, Charley Fox, joined in all of the sporting and social activities with the mainstream carnvial participants, with additional support from youth leaders. Click here to read more about Charley's incredible experiences. 

We are delighted at the positive fedback we have received from participants, parents and stakeholders involved with the Junior Carnival. The inclusion and contribution of our members was certainly a highlight of the Carnival. 

Please visit our facebook page to see images from the Junior Carnival.  

Scroll down to read about some of the programs we ran during the carnival. 


Neon Run (18.01.15)

The night was bright and so were the glowsticks. Volunteers helped set up Sunday nights Neon Run at Sandown Racecourse by creating glowstick bracelets, funky glasses all in good fun for the carinval particpants to enjoy disco style running around the track.

Click on image above for more photos from this event

Thank you to the volunteers for sticking it out in the windy conditions. You helped light up the night for so many young faces!

Click on image above for more photos from this event

Communtity Day Assistant (18.01.15)

Today we combined forces with Challah4hunger, to help run a program for the Maccabi Junior Carnival 2015 community day initiative. Volunteers helped baked challah with the carnival participants before they hit the streets of Caulifield (with their handcrafted signs) and sold the challah, raising hundreds of dollars for charity.  

Click on image above for more photos from this event

Community Day is about learning the importance of volunteerism and giving back to the Jewish community. There was also a specific focus on the inclusion and integration of people with disabilities into our community, through a disability awareness training activity. Well done team!

Movie Night Assistants (15.01.15)

The Maccabi Junior Carnival Social Committee was kind enough to offer the All Abilities group another fantastic opportunity to continue to refine their skills in leadership and teamwork. 

We were invited to come along to Mount Scopus with the other volunteers, before the Junior Carnival participants arrived. Our first job was to help unpack and set up the 400+ camping chairs in the outside arena, creating a beautiful moonlight cinema.

Click on image above for more photos from this event

After a strenuous hour, we then decided to test out the chairs and make sure they were comfortable. Sitting, relaxing and taking a break was absolutely necessary after all of our hard work.

More volunteers, including all of the youth leaders, then arrived for an inclusive team meeting whereby we were assigned our next missions;- to help at the food stall selling yummy movie treats and working at the box office to give tickets to all of the kids arriving to see the movies. 

Finally, we played the roll of movie ticket ushers and collected the kids.

Congratulations to our volunteers on another fantastic working bee. 

The social committee members, Tracie Sternfeld and Simone Starikov said "The All Abilities volunteers were amazing-so great to have the part of the night!"

Click on image above for more photos from this event

Catering Assistants (15.01.15)

Today the All Abilities volunteers team continued to show great committment and enthusiasm. The whole team of ten all arrived right on time, at 11am on the dot, with big smiles on their faces. They all expressed how much they had been enjoying the opportunity to volunteer and today was no exception.

We started off the day with a morning brief and team meeting. The crew then divided into smaller teams and were responsible for setting up the lunches and ensuring everything was neat, tidy and in its place. 

Click on image above for more photos from this event

At 12pm, the hungry Junior Carnival mob came inside from their respective sports and before we knew it, a long line had developed. Everyone waited patiently as our volunteers (Tess, Veronica, Dina, Danni, Jarrod and Lozz) served up the lunches with big smiles on their faces.

We had Josh working at the food store, selling lots of snacks to the kids. 

Robbie was helpful, by greeting the kids as they arrived, reading out the menu to them and ushering them to the designated serving areas.

Bar helped to serve out food to the kids with dietary requirements and/or allergies. He did a fantastic job sorting through the boxes of food. 

The team then sat and enjoyed a well-deserved break and enjoyed eating the delicious catered lunch.

Our group finished off by cleaning the tables and ensuring the area was left nice and clean. It was another fantastic day and we thank you all for your incredible support and assistance. 

Click on image above for more photos from this event

Catering Assistants (14.01.15)

After their first morning of sports, the Maccabi Junior Carnival 2015 kids are starving. Luckily, our All Abilities volunteers and support staff were working hard behind the scenes to set up the lunches. 

Click here for more photos from the event

Our group was divided into teams and were responsible for ushering the 470+ kids through the food hall, distributing the food packages and selling a variety of delicious kosher snacks.

Well done team, looking forward to another jam-packed day tomorrow!

Click here for more photos from the event

Volunteering at the opening ceremony (13.01.15)

The opening ceremony was the first formal event of the carnival, whereby all carnival kids were officially welcomed from far and wide. 

Our All Abilities volunteers played a crucial role in the nights proceedings, arriving early to be briefed with the other volunteers and then assisting with setting up the venue. We then worked with other volunteers to greet the families and VIPs as they arrived and ushered them to their allocated seats.

Click on image above for more photos from this event

Following our hard work, we enjoyed our front row seats whereby we sat and watched the opening ceremony. 

A key highlight of the evening, was when we got a private meeting with Sam Bramham, talented Paralympic gold medallist and former Big Brother housemate. He kindly agreed to take photos with us and answered some of our questions. 

Click on image above for more photos from this event

A special thanks to Cara Fitt and Jason Blumenthal for inviting us to support you in this challenging role. We look forward to working with you again on the final night of carnival, at the closing ceremony. 

Click on image above for more photos from this event

Registration Assistants (13.01.15)

On Tuesday 13th January, seven all abilities members spent the day working hard to welcome and register all of the kids participating in the 2015 Melbourne Junior Carnival. Their roles included greeting families on arrival, handing out showags, sorting out and distributing the id tags, ushering and much, much more. 

Click image above for more photos from this event

Many of the volunteer youth leaders and billeting committee members attended the session and also volunteered alongside our members. This was a perfect example of true integration and inclusion. 

Click image above for more photos from this event

The billeting committee, lead by Jodie Hymans, kindly gave us each our own take-home showbag, as a gesture of their appreciation. Thank you Jodie and your committee for giving us this incredible opportunity. 

Click image above for more photos from this event

Pre-Carnival Volunteer Assistants (09.01.15)

7 All Abilities members and over 10 youth leaders and members of the community generously volunteered their time to help put together 'welcome packs' and showbags for the kids participating in the Junior Carnival on Friday 9th January. 

The session ran from 10am-1pm at the Maccabi Offices. The group worked together in a production line to fill up the bags with lots of goodies including sunhats, socks, brochures, sunscreen, waterbottles and lots more. 

Click on image above for more photos from this event

Morning tea was provided to 'fuel' the team, who also enjoyed listening and dancing to music as the session progressed. 

Well done and thank-you to the group for helping us out. 

Click on image above for more photos from this event
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