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A review of the All Abilities basketball team for 2014.

Posted: 08-Jan-2015 by All Abilities

The ‘Dolphins’ certainly had a jam-packed year. Here is a summary of some of the exciting opportunities that were offered to the team: 

  • Attending Melbourne Tigers Game and meeting the players
  • Participating in 5 tournaments including hosting our first
  • Meeting with the Maccabi senior bball team ’the Warriors’
  • Inviting the Warriors to run a bball clinic for us
  • Attending the Warriors final game for the season
  • Meeting ‘the Rollers’ wheelchair basketball team
  • Having a training session with Damian Ryan (ex-Australian b-ball player) 
  • New equipment, uniforms and new coaches
  • Receiving trophies
  • Conducting interviews and development of player profiles
  • Becoming official members of the Maccabi Basketball Club 
  • Growth to the team as several new players signed up and joined in.
  • End of year party (photos below)

Overall, it was an incredibly successful and eventful year. We are thrilled that you are all part of the team and look forward to another exciting year ahead.

A special thank-you to Rubin Winograd and the other coaches, Zoe Diamond, David Chester, Jamie Zaidenberg, Zara Michaels and Ronnie Holloway. Thank-you for your incredible committment, passion and respect for the players. Your efforts and demeanour have ensured it was smooth and seamless year. Thank you again for your ongoing efforts and loyalty to the Club.

Looking forward to a wonderful 2015.

A message from the coach, Rubin Winograd. 

Hi Team,

Congratulations to all of you for a fantastic season that was the Maccabi Dolphins 2014!!

It is not easy for players and coaches when there is a change in coach during the season but as a team i thought the transition went very smoothly. You treated me and the other coaches with a level of respect that allowed us coaches to plan and run challenging but fun sessions.

Whilst i can not comment on the whole year i saw enough in one term to be very satisfied of the progress and individual and team achievements. This term there was an emphasis on passing, shooting and team work. We worked on passing in a stationary position and passing on the move. We worked on shooting off the dribble, shooting when receiving a pass and shooting with speed. We ran many shooting and passing competitions to ensure we learnt the importance of team work and using our voice as a powerful tool on the basketball court.  

As the weeks went by, each and every one of you showed great improvement with not only your basketball skills and team work but you all gained a genuine desire to be better players and people. You cared for one another on the court and made an effort to show some of your competitive side whilst not losing sight of the bigger picture. The beauty of team sport is that we are all in it together as a team. For the second half the term, you definitely showed a greater understanding for the concept of a team and what it means to be part of a team.

I challenge you all to practice on your own or with a friend during the summer so at the start of next season we can hit the ground running and move into more complex drills and even work on our defense. I really enjoyed my first term as coach and can not wait to see you all next year when the teams begins training again.

A quick thank you to Maccabi and Lauren Mandel for all their support and help. Also a big thank you goes to all the coaches for their hard work and commitment over the year. Also a big thank you to all the parents, carers and players for the support and involvement throughout the year.
Have a fun and safe summer and I will see you in the new year!!!

Kind regards,
Rubin (Coach)


Photos from the final training session for 2014. The team was presented with trophies and a certificate and enjoyed a delicious dinner party with the coaches. 

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