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Working together with Jewish Care

Posted: 08-Jan-2015 by All Abilities

Maccabi Victoria and Jewish Care have been united in our shared visions of increasing the inclusion of people with disabilities in our community for many years and have a long history of collaborative work. This includes representation from both organisations in the All Abilities committee, as well as joining forces several years ago to produce the All Abilities Needs Analysis

The relationship between Jewish Care and Maccabi Victoria flourished in 2014, as many exciting opportunities to work together became prominent. 

Jewish Care opened its doors to Maccabi, inviting us to attend many of their events and programs throughout the year. This includes Maccabi Victoia President, Joe Dorfman, joining the Social Inclusion Leadership Commitee. We were also invited to run a variety of fun and stimulating activities that allowed Jewish Care clients to get up and get active! This included coordinating Israeli dancing and a ball-skills activity at their annual Childrens Respite, Sukkot and Disability Day celebrations. 

Social Inclusion Leadership Committee (SILC) aiming for true inclusion. (Source:

We also worked together to set up two inaugural programs for our all abilities members, including a regular table tennis program and a walking group, running out of the state of the art Mander Villers facility on Glen Eira road.

The Jewish Care staff have been extremely cooperative and supportive of the All Abilities project, encouraging their clients to sign up and join in our programs. Without this support, the All Abilities program would not have showed such tremedous growth over the year.

A special thank-you to Dan Ksumbi, Maureen Flaherty, Galit Sarig, Judith Bauerberg, Jayson Hurvitz, Jo Pelham, Bec Swanson and the house coordinators and support staff. 

We look forward to contiuning to work with you in 2015 and beyond. 

Inaugural table tennis program by Maccabi Victoria and Jewish Care
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