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Zvi the sporting superstar!

Posted: 24-Jun-2014 by All Abilities

Zvi Schweitzer, All Abilities member, encompasses the core values of Maccabi Victoria; teamwork, fair play and most significantly, sporting achievement.

Earlier this year, Zvi's achievements in the sporting arena were recognised at the annual Maccabi Victoria presentation evening, receiving the President's Award. Click here to read more about Zvi's award and to see photos from the event. 

We also want to acknowledge Zvi's extraordinary achievements with Tennis Victoria. Last night (23.06.14) Zvi was invited to attend the Victoria Tennis Awards Championships Dinner. He was pleasantly surprised to be a finalist for the 'Most Outstanding Athlete with a disability' award. Congratulations! 

We are so proud of Zvi and his incredible successes across a variety of sports including tennis, table tennis and basketball. We wish Zvi all the best in his future endeavors. We hope that he continues to succeed and reaches his dream of "becoming number 1 in tennis!"

Read our latest interview with Zvi below. 


What is your name? 

How old are you? 

What are your favourite sports?
Tennis, basketball, table tennis.

Why do you like to play sport?
Its fun and nice.

What Maccabi Victoria All Abilities programs are you involved in?
Basketball and have been in the holiday programs.

What has been your favourite Maccabi Victoria All Abilities program and why?
I enjoyed the basketball tournament at Bentleigh, Oakleigh and Somerville because its amazing, lots of fun and I enjoyed meeting new people.

You have had many extraordinary sporting achievements in Tennis, Table Tennis and Basketball. What has been your biggest sporting achievement?
I won a trophy at the 2012 Tennis Victorian Award night I felt so excited. My parents, girlfriend and Uncle came along to support me, it was great to see them cheering me on.

Who is your favourite sports star?
Mm this is a tough one. John Newcombe! He won the most achievements –Australian Open, French, USA and London tennis championships. I want to be like him one day.

What sports or activities would you like to play in the future with Maccabi Victoria All abilities?
I hope to be able to coach Maccabi sports such as basketball and table tennis or tennis in the future. I’m already coaching tennis for Maccabi in Bignell Road and table tennis in Phoenix Park. I also hope to volunteer at the Junior Carnival in January next year.

What makes a good leader in sport?
Someone who is on their best behaviour, courage, enthusiasm, supportive. 

What is your sporting hope and dream?
To be number one in tennis, like John Newcombe.

What do you like about Maccabi Victoria All Abilities programs?
The programs are affordable, fun and exciting.

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