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Posted: 19-Mar-2014 by All Abilities

We are proud to announce that yesterday evening was the official Maccabi Victoria All Abilities Project Launch, at the beautiful Mossgreen gallery, with inspirational keynote speaker Richard Bernstein.
Please visit Macc-Chat for a news story and picture gallery from this event.

We had several exciting presentations on the night including:

  1. Richard Bernstein - Inspirational keynote speaker: American lawyer, lecturer and disability rights advocate. 
  2. Lets Play' All Abilities Basketball team 
    This video captures the essence of the Maccabi Victoria All Abilities Dolphins basketball team, which has allowed people with disability to participate in sport and recreation for 8 years, with a smile on their face
  3. 'Creating equal access and opportunity'
    Here is a snapshot of the variety of programs available for Maccabi Victoria All Abilities members. 
    From Basketball to Ten Pin Bowling, Soccer to Animal integration program, we are delighted with this this growing club and proud of all our members. 
  4. It was also proudly announced that all Maccabi Victoria All Abilities news and events, photos, videos, membership forms, Community Calendar 2014 plus much more can now be found on the Maccabi Victoria Website and NEW smartphone app
  5. Presentation by Zvi Schweitzer 
    Zvi is an extremely special individual. Zvi is a tennis player with an intellectual disability. His tennis has taken him around the world. He has represented Australia in Poland, Italy, the Czech Republic, Sydney, Adelaide, Geelong, Bainrsdale, and even Benalla and possibly later this year America. He has won the Australian, Victorian and South Australian tennis championships for players with an intellectual disability.
    Please see the attachment for Zvi's inspirational speech. 


For more infomration, please contact Lauren Mandel (All Abilities Inclusion Coordinator)  
P: 03 9563 5885 | M: 0412 605 480 | E: | 


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