JCC Maccabi Games


The mission of the JCC Maccabi Games states that the program is a Jewish event for Jewish teenagers with the intent to foster long-lasting memories and identification with organised Jewish community groups as well as identification with Israel. The JCC Maccabi Games aim to foster a strong Jewish identity among all of its participants.

The JCC Maccabi Games is an annual sporting event held in the United States of America. Over the years Maccabi Australia has sent several teams to the JCC Maccabi Games. These Games are a fabulous opportunity to play sport at a high level in an environment set up to meet like minded poeple and athletes. The JCC tour is consistant with Maccabi Australia's view of providing opportunities for our members to:

  • Strive for sporting excellence
  • Represent their country at an international competition
  • Develop a sense of connection to each other and the Maccabi movement
  • Foster the growth of Maccabi clubs at a local level

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