Organisational Structure

The Maccabi Australia Board consists of seven (7) elected positions, four (4) appointed posistion, and a further two (2) co-opted positions.

Of the seven elected positions, the Board appoints a President and a Treasurer and assigns portfolios across Sports - National, Sport - International, Sport - Development, Policy, Revenue Raising and Marketing where appropriate and skills are matched.

The four appointed positions are:

  • President Maccabi New South Wales
  • President Maccabi Victoria
  • President Maccabi Western Australia
  • Chair Board of Governors

The full Board of Maccabi Australia meets a minimum of eight times a year, continuing its commitment to strong governance, sound decision-making and national Jewish strategic leadership. 

Maccabi Australia has four (4) affiliated state bodies: New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland, with a total membership of around 6,500 members.

Macabi Australia is a member of the Maccabi World Union, the Zionist Federation of Australia, the Executive Council of Australian Jewry and the Australian Sports Foundation.

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