Vision & Mission

Sport has enriched the life of the Australian Jewish Community for more than one hundred years, culminating in the establishment of Maccabi Australia in 1957.

Over the years many events have been associated with Maccabi Australia, including Carnivals, both Senior and Junior, Maccabi Australia International Games (MAIGS), Jewish Community Centre (JCC) Games, Pan American Games, European Games, and the focal point - the Maccabiah Games. Whatever the nature of the event, a common thread runs through the history of Maccabi Australia – the thread of connecting the community - through friendship, sporting trends, training in leadership and responsibility, even through responses to tragedy.

Maccabi Australia symbolises community, friendship and the competitive spirit. Just as sport maintains an important role in society, Maccabi Australia enriches the Jewish Community, confirming its place in the history of our people.

To be the organisation of first choice for the Australian Jewish Community to participate in Sport and Wellbeing activities.

To engage and strengthen the Australian Jewish community by:

  • Developing and promoting the opportunity for all members to share and embrace their Jewish identity through sport & wellbeing activities
  • Encouraging participation in sport through annual carnivals and competitive sporting events at the state, national and international level. 
  • Engaging a wider demographic in activities centered on Health and Wellbeing with the purpose of increasing participation, growing membership and improving the health outcomes for the community.
  • Working actively to support programs that embody the Maccabi ideals of Jewish continuity, support for the state of Israel and excellence in sport.
  • Creating a sustainable and prosperous financial position for Maccabi across Australia that enables the organization to support the objectives and ambitions of the state bodies and clubs.
  • To be forward focused and embracing of opportunities which ensure the longevity of Maccabi across the country.
Maccabi Life - Loyalty and Rewards Launched
Maccabiah Games 2022


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