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Through sport and sports related programs, Maccabi plays an integral role in connecting our community, promoting continuity and combatting anti semitism.
Your support and partnership can and will make a difference:

SPORT - improving individual and team performances by giving Maccabi the means to invest in clubs, administrators and coaches. In promoting a culture of excellence at Maccabi clubs and across the organisation, you will help ensure Maccabi is the sporting organisation of choice for the Jewish community.

MEMBER PROTECTION - education of every administrator, coach and volunteer ensuring a safe, fair and inclusive environment for all Maccabi members.

INTERSTATE SPORTING EVENTS, INCLUDING JUNIOR CARNIVAL -promoting Jewish connections and high level competition by reducing the cost and encouraging more athletes to participate.

MACCABIAH - assisting Australia’s best Jewish athletes to participate internationally, perform at their best and connect with Israel.

EDUCATION AND LEADERSHIP - empowering the community’s youth and emerging leaders by providing leadership, mentoring and coaching opportunities.



Thank you for your support of Maccabi and its work in connecting the Jewish community through sport

Cick here to see our 2015-2016 Major Donor Report and find out what Maccabi has been up to over the last year.


Support Maccabi

Tax deductible donations can be made to Maccabi Australia via the Australian Sports Foundation Ltd. (ASF).

The ASF was established by the Australian Government to assist organisations to raise funds through public & corporate donations for the development of sport in Australia. Pursuant to the ASF's listing in the Income Tax Assessment Act (1997) (div 30, S 30-90), donations of $2 or more to the ASF are tax deductible.

Donors must contribute unconditionally to the ASF to claim a tax deduction, however, the ASF's structure makes it possible for a donor to nominate a registered project as the preferred beneficiary of their gift. Maccabi Australia Inc. - Maccabi Australia Sports Fund, project no.200129, is registered with and conducted under the charter of the ASF.

All claims are subject to being accepted by the Commissioner of Taxation. If either an individual or business is uncertain of their position they should seek their own professional advice. 

If you wish to donate, please fill out this online ASF donation form.

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