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Maccabi World Union Pesach Appeal

Posted: 17-Feb-2016 by Maccabi National

This year, as it has for the last 16 years, MWU will distribute Pesach Food Parcels to people in need across Israel.

Maccabim in Israel have already begun to contribute generously to this campaign, and they are now asking for your help.

The first goal of the Pesach Campaign is to help ensure the food security of all Israelis throughout the 7 days of Pesach. Sadly over 30% of Israelis - around 2.6 million people, live at or below the poverty line and are unable to fulfill the mitzvot of this chag.

This year MWU is expanding its project to include Holocaust survivors, 50,000 of whom live below the poverty line and are incredibly socially isolated. In addition to the provision of food parcels, they will also be running a number of cultural events for this group to foster a sense of social inclusion and belonging.

The food parcels are created in accordance with the reccomendations of the Welfare Department and contain basic goods such as cooking oil, sugar, wine, chocolate spread, rice, beans, matzah, matzah meal, juice concentrate, etc. Parcels are distributed to new immigrants, large or single-parent families, the elderly, those with disability, unemployed, lone IDF soldiers without family in Israel and Holocaust survivors.

Each parcel costs US$70 and this year MWU has the goal to raise funds for the distribution of 3000 food parcels and to host cultural events across the country.

In addition to the provision of food parcels, another primary goal of this campaign is to provide programs which increase awareness in the community, as well as encouraging social inclusion and engagement.

CLICK HERE to donate now and help those in need celebrate this Pesach.


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