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Launch of the Rudi Roth Maccabi Australia Scholarship Fund

Posted: 21-Oct-2014 by Maccabi National

About Rudi Roth

Rudi was the first Australian Jewish squash captain. He had an illustrious squash career as a young adult in NSW, founding JASA Squash while captaining the Eastern Suburbs Squash Club. He also played an instrumental role in the development of AJAX Squash Courts in Alma Rd, Melbourne, named as a founder of the AJAX Squash Club in Victoria, which later became known as the Maccabi Victoria Squash Club. He was not only the Club’s first secretary, but also its first Captain. Soon after the Club’s creation and acceptance into pennant competition, the Club won its first ever Victorian Flag, a first for a Jewish sporting club at that time. Rudi’s complete CV is attached

Having overcome Rickets at age 12, undergoing six operations and then re-learning how to walk, Rudi was not sure he would ever walk, let alone succeed in squash at the highest level. To this end, Rudi is keen to support emerging athletes, with their eye on elite status.

The Yearly Grant

The Rudi Roth Maccabi Australia Scholarship Fund will make a single grant each year to emerging athletes to assist them on the path to achieving at an elite level. The first grant will be made in January 2015 and will be awarded to the individual who best fits the criteria, and is deemed the most deserving by the selection panel.

Selection Panel

A selection panel of three (3) people has been established, who will review all applications, short list the candidates and meet with them. This panel will be chaired by Rudi’s nephew Sonney Roth and consist of members of the Maccabi Australia Board and Board of Governors.

Application information and eligibility criteria can be found at

If you are an athlete paving your way to compete at the elite level, Maccabi would love to be part of your journey and support you in achieving your goals.

If you are keen to see emerging Jewish athletes succeed, you can donate to the Rudi Roth Scholarship Fund allowing the Fund to either contribute more to the chosen athlete or if there is a particular interest you have, the Fund can support more athletes. Donations via the Australian Sports Foundation are tax deductible.

Go to to find out more and to make an application.

For more information about the scholarship or donating to the Fund please contact Ellana Aarons, Executive Director Maccabi Australia on (03) 9563 5865 or

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