International Games Guiding Principles

Maccabi Australia International Games Guiding Principles

One of the most important events in the MAI calendar is the Maccabiah Games which is held every 4 years in Israel. In addition to these Games, MAI elects to support other international regional Maccabi Games for a number of reasons.

Regional Maccabi Games provide a unique opportunity for Jewish athletes to:

  • Represent Australia at an international sporting event – those who attend these Games may be on a road to Maccabiah in 2021, whilst others may not see themselves as able to participate in 2021
  • Develop and deepen a sense of connection to the community and the Maccabi Movement
  • Strive for sporting excellence

All team members, coaches, managers and supporters need to remember that during the Pan Am Games period they are representatives of MAI and their conduct reflects on the reputation of Maccabi, its stakeholders, the community and our standing in society. As such MAI expects all people connected with the brand regardless of their involvement to behave in a courteous and respectful manner consistent with the values, team and behavioral guidelines. An overview of these is set out below:

  • Uphold the Values and Integrity of Sport by
    • being responsible and accountable to team rules
    • respecting the spirit of fair-play and sportsmanship
    • accepting victory and defeat with dignity and grace
    • being respectful to teammates, officials and competitors
  •  Positively Promote the Maccabi Brand by 
    • acting with decorum and dignity to maintain the positive image and values of the Maccabi organisation – be a positive role model
    • striving for excellence and the highest possible sporting standard
    • being proud of your uniform and selection to represent your country, community and team
  • Adopt Team Standards by
    • complying with the Maccabi Member Protection Policies (MPP)
    • following all medical, safety and anti-doping guidelines
    • adhering to the team member agreement and by-laws

On accepting this position, you will need to become familiar with the MAI behavioural guidelines, MPP, code of conduct and team member agreement.