Maccabi Australia Values


Maccabi Australia (MAI) together with our member States and affiliated Clubs exist to promote Jewish identity and continuity – by connecting our Jewish community through sport.

We have a proud history and are the largest Jewish grass-roots organisation in Australia, boasting a 90-year heritage, 35,000 supporters and around 7,000 members ranging in age from 5 to 85 years who participate in a range of sports provided by over 50 clubs. In addition, MAI is a member of Maccabi World Union (MWU) who represent more than 500,000 members in over 60 countries participating in just about every sporting code. Importantly MAI is a Zionist sports organisation and is focused on strengthening its links with Israel and the Jewish community generally.

Maccabi Australia Values

The Maccabi organisation is substantially a volunteer organisation and as such relies heavily on the community for support. Given the diversity of skills, capability and background of the people who represent the organisation, MAI has developed and adopted several timeless values that are intended to guide the behaviour of all members and stakeholders. These are:

  • RespectThis value incorporates respect for oneself, one's body, for others, for the rules and regulations, for sport and the environment. Related to sport, respect stands for fair play, to win with humility and for the fight against discrimination and any other unethical behaviour. Treat others as you wish to be treated.
  • Teamwork We recognize that success and excellence can only be achieved and sustained by a deep commitment to working as a team and the practice of focusing on collective rather than individual effort and rewards.
  • CommunityWe act consciously to inspire the trust of everyone whose lives we touch by modeling the highest standards of honesty and integrity. We carry our Jewishness with pride and behave in ways that make the Jewish community proud.
  • VoluntarismWe remain accountable to our members and value the work of the volunteers who define our organisation. We will promote open and transparent management processes and always engage in authentic consultation with our stakeholders.

As a member, volunteer or administrator of Maccabi it is important that you embrace these values in your dealings and assist in promoting the desired behaviours. We trust that you will commit to do your part to uphold these values and promote the Maccabi brand in the community in a positive light.