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'Full circle': Special mother-daughter medal moment

Posted: 09-Jul-2019 by PanAm Games 2019

Same medal. Same race. Same family.

Moments don’t come much more special than the one Daniella and Gabi Goodridge shared at the Maccabi Pan-American Games on Monday.

The mother-daughter duo excelled in the pool on the first day of their program as each added a silver medal to Team Aus’ tally in Mexico. And it culminated in a truly touching experience as they celebrated their triumphs together – and alongside team coach and husband/father Anthony.

“I think the fact we both got the same medal in the same race, that’s pretty cool,” Daniella said.

Gabi (L) and Daniella Goodridge celebrate their silver medals together

“Her [Gabi] to get a medal was absolutely amazing, for any of us to get medals, they just swam so well today. I guess to be able to share a moment like this with your child, especially when they’re teenagers and you have to find things in common, find ways of connecting because teenagers don’t always want to hang out with their parents.

“It’s a great way to be connected again, to do what she loves and I still love, that’s what I do for my life, I work in swimming too so it’s really special.”

Gabi was actually the first Australian to land a medal at the 2019 Pan-Ams, opening her nation’s tally with a top swim in the 100m freestyle. Just hours later, her mum joined the party, romping home in the very same event.

“Not taking away from Gabi because she deserves it so much, she’s really put in hours of hard work, but to stand next to her and get the same silver medal, in the same race as her that’s quite special,” Daniella said.

“Because that’s what I used to race too when I was her age so it’s kind of like coming round full circle.”

Despite claiming a medal, Goodridge senior was quick to heap praise on her younger squad mates, suggesting her achievements aren’t as impressive as her junior counterparts.

Gabi on the podium after winning silver

She believes that the younger members of the squad put in quadruple the amount of work in comparison to the masters.

“It was really fantastic but I don’t want to take away from the juniors because they work really really hard,” Goodridge said.

“When you’re older in masters, the work you put in is like a quarter of what the juniors put in. I really take my hat off to them because they work so hard.

“Their training hours are so long and tedious. It’s been great and I’m really happy, I wanted to swim with Gabi and enjoy the experience with her but honestly they work way harder than masters work.”

Congratulations on your medals!