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Aussie star's resort to unique training methods

Posted: 07-Jul-2019 by PanAm Games 2019

Sometimes it’s tough being the sole representatives of your sport within the Australian squad.

Team Aus’ lone beach volleyball pairing Dakota Lipton and Max Curtis found that out the hard way, with no training partners to be found around camp. And as a result, they’ve been forced to look elsewhere to recreate a match scenario.

Initially Dakota’s mum (team manager Alida) and Max’s wife Jordana were employed to throw balls to the pair as they trained on the makeshift beach at Mexico City’s Jewish Community Centre.

Lipton and Curtis (centre) pose with the Israeli and US pairs

But today they found a perfect solution, combining with pairings from USA and Israel to create a vibrant atmosphere conducive to preparing them for the upcoming event.

Lipton and Curtis took on the Americans head-to-head first up, emerging with a comprehensive three sets to love victory in a match that did wonders for their confidence. Next the triad of teams played ‘King of the Court’ with the loss of singular point enough to dislodge a pairing and ensure a steady rotation of the three teams.

With music blaring and a party atmosphere on show, soon other volleyball sides began to converge on the venue. Another Israeli pairing soon arrived, as did a women’s US outfit and some junior Brazilians joining in on the fun.

It was the type of spectacle that showcased the unique camaraderie within the sport.

“I guess the camaraderie is pretty easy in beach volleyball,” Lipton said.

“Everybody understands you’ve got to play a lot of people to train well and everyone is pretty easy going. We find it easy to get along and have a good game together.

“And the four Mexican guys who played at Maccabiah are going to be here as well tomorrow so we’ll catch up with them which will be cool.”

The Aussie pair begin their campaign on Sunday with a clash against Israel.