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'Really special' moment for 22 Maccabi families

Posted: 07-Jul-2019 by PanAm Games 2019

Maccabi Australia is a truly family-orientated organisation, and it shows within the team currently representing Australia at the Pan-American Maccabi Games in Mexico.

The 137-strong contingent features a remarkable number of familial connections that help to foster a supportive atmosphere for our athletes.

Across management and athletes, there are 16 different families represented by two or more relatives. Add in supporters – who are considered a big part of the experience – and the connections permeate to even greater depths.

Team captain Barry Carp is joined by his son Harry, a star of the youth basketball side.

The Carp and Waislitz families pose for a photo

“It’s incredible to share this experience with my dad,” Carp junior said.

“I actually knew that he was team captain a few weeks ago, it’s obviously a great honour for him and it’s just really nice to have someone in the family who is leading the whole delegation”.

“He’s a huge role model for me. He’s always there whenever I’ve got a sporting thing or a school thing, he’s always there with me and we’re always doing things together and it’s just great.”

The Carp clan are also represented by Barry’s niece Asia who will take to the pool in the junior category, while her uncle swims in the masters. They’re one of several families who boast huge representation.

Goodridge is also a surname you’ll hear plenty of around the pool, with coach Anthony, his wife Daniella and daughter Gabi all big parts of Team Aus. It truly is a family affair on pool deck with team manager Sharonne Antonir, who will also compete in the half marathon, joined by son Noam while her husband and daughter are along for the ride as supporters.

Elsewhere, there’s a special experience for veteran table tennis player Sam Parasol, whose grandson Joel is a member of the junior football team.

For cyclist Avee Waislitz, it’s the second international Games running he’s joined by one of his sons. This time around youth basketballer Jarrod features alongside his dad, two years after his brother Bradley did so in Israel.

The Goodridge family

“Fantastic to share the experience, having done it with Bradley at Maccabiah two years ago, now to do it with Jarrod here at Pan-Ams is really special,” Waislitz senior said.

“Looking forward to marching together tomorrow, it was great this morning watching him train and being part of the team, all together is awesome.”

“The kids have always played Maccabi basketball, Jarrod has played football, Bradley soccer, I’ve been part of the cycling club, so it’s been a big part of our lives for a long time.”

Across the record official delegation, no less than 22 families have multiple representatives in Mexico. We can’t acknowledge them all for obvious reasons, but read on below for a full list of the incredible connections within Team Aus.


Antonir: Sharonne (Team manager, half marathon), Noam (Jnr Swimmer), Amir and Maya (supporters)

Carp: Barry (Mstrs Swimmer), Harry (Yth Basketball), Asia (Jnr Swimmer), Emma (supporter)

De Bortoli: Bailey, Hudson, Mackenzie, Noah (Open Basketball), Cody (Jnr Basketball)

Ehrlich: Jessie (Jnr Basketball), Dan (Supporter)

Ehrlich: Lauren (Masters Tennis), Paul (Masters Tennis)

Goodridge: Anthony (Coach), Daniella (Mstrs Swimmer), Gabi (Jnr Swimmer)

Kaplan: Alan (MacMan), Benji (Supporter)

Klinger: Danny (Team Manager), Halli (Jnr Swimmer)

Langer: Simon (Team Manager), Mitchell (Jnr Football)

Lipton: Alida (Team manager), Dakota (Beach Volleyball)

Lowe: Brad (Jnr Tennis), Sidney Gaddie (Golf) Sarah Gold, (Supporter)

Morley: DK (Jnr Basketball), Debora, Mathew, Sienna, Zygmunt Sieradzki (Supporters)

Nagar: Asaf (Team Manager), Gilad (Jnr Football)

New: Kovi (Jnr Football), Sheiny (Supporter)

Parasol: Sam (Table Tennis), Joel (Jnr Football), Ruth, Daniel and Belinda (supporters)

Peker: Matthew (Jnr Basketball), Albert (Supporter)

Platus: Paul (Team Manager), Oliver (Jnr Football), Toni (Media), Gabriella, Louis, Vivien, Phillip Green (Supporters)

Rosenberg: Daniel (Jnr Football), Elana, Jade (Supporters)

Rosham: Noah (Open Basketball), Ben (Jnr Football), Justine (Supporter)

Shapiro: Greg (Coach), Ben (Jnr Basketball)

Sher: Gillian (Team Manager), Zac (Jnr Basketball)

Waislitz: Avee (Cycling), Jarrod (Yth Basketball), Sandi, Mia and Danielle Schilling (supporters)