What is Junior Carnival?

The 37th Junior Carnival will be held in Sydney from the 15th to the 22nd of January 2019. 

Junior Carnival is a week-long sporting event that also incorporates exciting social activities for youth aged 12-16, from across Australia and New Zealand. It is, and has been, for the past thirty years, an integral part of the Jewish sporting calendar.

Each year it is held in a different city, rotating between Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and more recently Queensland and Auckland. Interstate athletes are all billeted with a local Jewish family for the duration of the Carnival, often with same-aged athletes also participating in Carnival. This is where life-long friendships are formed.

The sports component of the Carnival allows athletes to play a variety of sports in a competitive and fun environment.

With the knowledge that engaging in sport and physical activity is a crucial component of a healthy mind as well as a healthy body, Carnival offers so much more.

Junior Carnival is a great opportunity to allow youth to be immersed in physical outdoor activities, competitive sports, and social programs, together with other Jewish youth, whilst experiencing new cities around Australia and New Zealand.

The tradition of Maccabi Junior Carnivals has been kept alive through the efforts of Organising Committees and Team Management, who are all volunteers. Many are active members of the Maccabi community and attendees of past Carnivals.

Many adults, who are still members of Maccabi clubs across Australia, speak of their own Junior Carnival experiences with much enthusiasm and passion. They speak of the friendships formed, the memories shared, and the sporting excellence achieved .

Maccabi Junior Carnival – a unique opportunity for Jewish youth to connect through sport.

And for 2019, Maccabi is preparing yet another fantastic event!! We're excited and you should be too!

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