Maccabi Australia together with our member States and affiliated Clubs exist to promote Jewish identity and continuity – connecting our Jewish community through sport.

The purpose of the Member Protection Policies is to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of those who participate in the activities of Maccabi Australia and its clubs in all Australian states.

Maccabi Australia aims to create a safe, fair and inclusive environment and to ensure that every member, its staff volunteers, officials, and coaches who participate in its activities is treated with respect and dignity and protected from unlawful discrimination, harassment, bullying and other inappropriate behaviours.

In the area of child safety, Maccabi, as a national organisation is working to the highest standards currently available, and is always updating and reviewing its commitments.

Any form of abuse, neglect, harassment, discrimination, vilification, indecency or violence against any adult or child by a person involved with Maccabi will be treated as a serious offence, and such conduct will not be tolerated.

Maccabi has clear processes in place to support grievances and complaints. Where possible, Maccabi seeks to resolve all grievances and complaints in a co-operative and productive manner.

Generally, incidents at club level should be reported or referred to the relevant club first.

Incidents at state or national level should be reported or referred to the State or National Maccabi Integrity Officer.

This document sets out details of our member protection policies and procedures. It includes not only details of the code of conduct that apply to all our members, but it also contains an explanation of our child safety and all ability/inclusion policies. These documents explain to all those involved with Maccabi at all levels (whether it be at National, State or club level) their rights and obligations under the MPP rules that we have developed. The key objective of all of these policies and procedures is to protect our members whenever they are involved in any Maccabi activity.

We require all our those in our organisation (whether they be players, officials, coaches, staff and volunteers) and all parents of our junior members to read and understand the enclosed pages and to become aware of their obligations to comply with our organisation's MPP requirements.

Debbie Rutstein
MAI Director and Chairman of the MPP Sub-Committee

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