Victorian Support Services

Jewish Care The Front Door team helps people identify and access the right Jewish Care services to address their support needs. When a person contacts Jewish Care for the first time, an initial assessment is completed at the Front Door.

Referral is then made to the appropriate service area within Jewish Care depending on client's eligibility and needs. The Front Door staff speak English and Russian, while support is also available in other languages.

Call (03) 8517 5999

The Victorian CASA Forum is the peak body of the 15 Centres Against Sexual Assault, and the Victorian Sexual Assault Crisis Line (after hours). Together we work to ensure that women, children and men who are victim/survivors of sexual assault have access to comprehensive and timely support and intervention to address their needs.

Sexual Assault Crisis Line (Victoria)

Call 1800 806 292

The South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault & Family Violence (SECASA) offers a range of services including counselling for victim/survivors of sexual and physical assault, children from the age of 4 and adults, female and male. The Centre also works with non-offending family members, partners, caregivers and support workers.

Call 03 9594 2289 

Victoria Police Sexual Offence and Child Abuse Unit

Call 03 9865 5100

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