Child Safety at Maccabi

Maccabi is committed to ensuring child safety throughout our organisation, by protecting the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people accessing Maccabi services, events and activities. This commitment is endorsed at the highest level and applies throughout all levels of our organisation.

Recent changes to the law and changes to convention in the community around us mean that we all have changed responsibilities. Our task is now to inform, train and educate our Participants about those responsibilities.

In accordance with its commitment to child safety, Maccabi:

  • has developed this Child Safety Policy. This policy provides clear guidelines prohibiting any form of abuse against children and young people; and
  • has adopted a procedure for the screening, recruitment and induction of individuals who are engaged in child-related work to undergo checks in accordance with relevant child safety legislation; and
  • aims to train Maccabi Representatives to recognise signs of child abuse and to respond to allegations, suspicions and disclosures of child abuse appropriately and in accordance with legislative requirements.

All clubs are committed to ensuring children are safe when participating in Maccabi activities and to ensuring services are delivered with the best interests of their young participants as the key focus.

Maccabi's Child Safety Policy provides clear and detailed information for all Maccabi Participants with regards to:

  • What is Child Abuse (see below for further information)
  • Appropriate Conduct and Behaviour
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Photography of children and young people
  • Use, possession and supply of alcohol and drugs
  • Transporting young people (click here for authorisation form)
  • Electronic Communication with Children and Young People
  • Change Rooms
  • Sleeping Arrangements when travelling
  • Physical Contact with Children and young people
  • Acceptable Boundaries
  • Use of Language
  • Guidelines for Parents
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