Who does Member Protection apply to?

All Participants involved with Maccabi are expected and required to comply with the standards of behaviour set out in the MPP.

“Participants” means all paid or unpaid/voluntary:

  • office bearers; 
  • individuals appointed or elected to boards, commissions, tribunals, committees and sub-committees, employees and volunteers;
  • players and athletes;
  • members including Life Members;
  • coaches and assistant coaches;
  • support personnel (e.g. managers, physiotherapists, psychologists, masseurs, sport trainers, etc);
  • disability support workers and carers;
  • officials and any other personnel participating in any teams, events and activities, including camps and training sessions, conducted or sanctioned by MAI, any State Body or any Club;
  • referees, judges and other officials; and
  • parents and guardians of Members to the full extent that is possible.
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