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Thank you for choosing to apply with Maccabi for your Gap year in Israel! Below you will find some basic guidelines to help you navigate the site more easily.

This application must be filled out by the applicant and in his/her name.


When you first use the site you will be asked to create a My Macc account. This account will serve as an account for all use within the Maccabi website for the future.

To create an account, just fill in the online form which appears and remember the username and password.

After creating a My Macc, you can continue with the application. You will need to log in with your My Macc every time you want to continue with the application. 


You will be asked to provide an email address. Please provide an address that you will check regularly, as we will be using this address to communicate with you. Make sure that you can access your email from this computer, and that any spam filter you have will allow the system's emails through.


The application is made up of several sections. You need not complete all the sections at once. However, you must complete each section in one sitting as you cannot save your work in order to return to it a a later time.

If you do not have the necessary information to complete a mandatory field you may type in "n/a" in order to complete the field.

We look forward to receiving your application!

Application Page 

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If you have any questions about this application, please contact Simone Starikov at

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