Maccabi Sports Leadership Program


The Maccabi Sports Leadership Program (MSLP) is an international program providing an exciting opportunity for school leavers or GAP year takers looking for that little bit more out of their year off!

Participants spend 5 exhilarating months in Israel completely immersed in Israeli society while gaining valuable leadership and coaching skills.

MSLP’ers are exposed to world class training at the Wingate Institute of Sport for 5 weeks. The hands-on course includes Sports Management, Human Physiology and high level coaching. Participants will engage in leadership seminars and training, developing valuable skills for their future.

Highlighting MSLP, the participants are immersed in local Israeli sporting clubs, attending professional sporting events and matches such as Euro League Basketball and International Football games all over Israel. 

MSLP incorporates amazing experiences, including volunteering and living on Kibbutzim, Magen David Adom, the IDF, local community groups and so much more. Additionally the program offers a Holocaust heritage tour to Poland, and ‘Israel Experience’ tours in the North and South of Israel.

There is so much to see, do, learn and explore on MSLP! 



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